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Top 10 Things to Look for in a Resume or Application

Here are the most important things you should look for in a resume when hiring new talent.

5 Signs That It’s Time to Update Your HR Processes and Tools

When should you invest in that shiny HR automation software? Here are 5 signs that it’s time to upgrade your HR processes and tools.

A Guide to Payscale Philosophy and Strategy With People Operations

Learn about how to create a compensation philosophy and strategy that will help you attract and retain top candidates.

What Is Performance Alignment, and Why Is It Important?

Ensure that all of your employees are meaningfully working towards your organization's goals with performance alignment.

Why Did Google Invent the Term “People Operations” — and Did It Work?

"People operations" teams ensure employees are happy, satisfied, and having an optimal employee experience. Learn where the term and concept originated.

A People Operations Approach to Performance Reviews

Learn how putting your employees first and adjusting your performance reviews can improve productivity and profitability.

All-in-one HRIS Pros and Cons: Is It Right for Your Workplace?

Deciding between an HRIS or point solutions? Here are the pros and cons of each and how they differ.

How to Build Fair Pay Grades and Salary Ranges

Ensuring fair pay in the workplace is the key to employee happiness, retention, and even productivity.

HR Tools That Don’t Play Nice: How to Streamline Your HR Systems

Several tools are available to help you streamline your HR systems, including point systems and all-in-one HR platforms. But which is best for you?

What the Heck Are HR Point Solutions, and Why Should You Care?

Using point solutions versus traditional HR information systems could help your team run more smoothly — but they could also be limiting and costly.

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