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2021 Predictions for Small Businesses by 3 Experts

No one can truly predict the future, but using the lessons learned in 2020, maybe we can accurately depict the top themes and trends that will dominate 2021. 3 experts offer their top 3 predictions for 2021.

Head of Remote Work: COVID Brings New Job Titles to Small Businesses

Hiring a Head of Remote Work can help businesses stay productive and efficient in this new normal.

Post-Pandemic Readiness Checklist for Your Workplace

Here’s how to prepare and plan for returning to a normal workplace and workday after COVID-19.

2020 Holiday Party Ideas for Your Remote Workforce

It’s that festive time of year again! Follow these tips for a great 2020 remote holiday celebration.

DOL’s Wage and Hour Guidance on Remote Work

The Department of Labor’s guidance reminds employers to pay their remote workers for all hours worked and make a reasonable effort to determine those hours.

The Break Room: Practical Methods for Ending Your Zoom Call

Master these techniques and you’ll find that ending a Zoom call (on your terms) will become a piece of cake.

5 Critical Toolsets Every Remote Team Needs to Thrive

Invest in these tools to create the best remote environment for your workforce.

Top 4 Employee Benefit Categories That Matter Most to Employees

Benefits can be basic or surprising, but they’re important factors in the decision to take a job or stay with an organization.

Getting Back to Work During COVID-19

Navigate the transition back to work safely with these tips and guidelines.

Employee Loneliness in Remote Work Environments: What Leaders Can Do

Company leaders can better structure their work environment to improve communication among employees and mitigate workplace loneliness.

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