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What Is Form 5500 Filing?

If you file Form 5500 incorrectly, it can lead to penalties. Learn more about the annual report here.

Are You Calculating Gross Wages Correctly?

Learn why it’s imperative to calculate gross wages correctly — and how payroll software can help.

How HR Automation Can Help With Benefits Compliance

No matter how many benefits you provide, you’re required to administer them in a compliant manner. However, benefits compliance is no stroll in the park.

How a Financial Wellness Program Helps Your Employees — and Your Business

Financial stress isn’t just bad for your employees — it can negatively impact your business directly. Offering a holistic financial wellness benefit is an increasingly common way to provide your employees a benefit that will help to make them better, happier members of your team.

Are You Tracking Part-time Employees for 401(k) Eligibility?

Through the SECURE Act, employers with a 401(k) plan must allow eligible long-term, part-time employees to contribute to the plan.

Doing More With Less: Dealing With Budget Cuts and Reduced Revenue

Learning to do more with less may be the key to survival for small businesses over the next few months.