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15 Return-to-Office Team Building Ideas

Team building doesn’t have to be dull or expensive. Here are 15 simple activities that will engage your team and have them primed for action.

Lead Your Return-to-Workplace Strategy With People Operations

If you’re preparing your company’s return to the workplace, here’s why leading with a People Operations approach will benefit your workforce and business.

3 Sample Company Memos for Mandating Employee Vaccinations

President Biden announced that employers with 100+ employees will need to ensure their workforce is fully vaccinated, or otherwise require negative test results on at least a weekly basis to come into the workplace.

Ease Your Staff Back Into the Workplace: A Return-to-the-Office Guide

Although dates to return to the workplace have been delayed for many, it's still crucial to have a well-crafted plan in place.

What Should I Do If My Employee Refuses to Get Vaccinated?

If you have an employee that's refusing a vaccine mandate, follow these 5 steps.

How to Require Proof of Employee Vaccinations

If you want to set up a system to require and verify employee vaccinations, follow these 4 steps.