Returning to Work

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How to Talk to Employees Who Are Reluctant to Return to Work

As states begin to allow nonessential businesses to reopen, small businesses are faced with a new problem — employees who are reluctant to return to work.

Email Examples and Templates for Staff and Customer Correspondence

Ready to reopen for business? We crafted sample memos to send to employees and customers announcing your return.

Building Employee Trust After Layoffs

Here’s how to boost employee morale and provide support to your staff as you begin to reopen your business.

Which U.S. States Are Reopening? The Complete List of Open and Closed States

Federal guidelines for reopening the country have left the decision to state governors. State, county, and city leaders are taking different approaches when it comes to reopening and lifting lockdowns. Here's what you need to know.

Remote Work: Is it Working for Your Company?

If remote work is feasible for your business, it may be worthwhile to continue it even after COVID-19 has passed.

Reinstating Pay and Benefits for Laid Off and Furloughed Employees

If you cut an employees’ pay, or furloughed or laid off employees, keep these things in mind as you begin to re-hire

Return to Work: Can My Business Be Held Liable for COVID-19?

Navigating workers’ compensation, civil suits, and OSHA violations in the age of COVID-19.

Social Distancing in The Workplace: How To Ease Employee Fears About Returning to the Workplace During the COVID-19 Crisis

Welcome your employees, visitors and customers back to your workplace with these ideas to keep them safe.

Return to Work: Should Your Business Implement Travel Restrictions? [With Sample Memo]

As some states begin to ease shelter in place restrictions, and economies begin to re-open, what can you legally require from your employees when it comes to travel?

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