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HR Headaches: Stopping Rumors About Layoffs and Cutbacks

If you’re hearing water cooler rumors about layoffs or cutbacks at your organization, here’s how to nip them in the bud.

5 Tips On How to Deliver Bad News in the Workplace

It’s never easy to deliver bad news to your team. However, these 5 tips will make it easier.

Job Sharing: What Is It and Is It a Good Idea for Your Business?

Learn about the pros and cons of dividing a full-time role into two part-time roles.

4 Best Practices for Using Pronouns in the Workplace

Encouraging pronoun sharing at your organization can help you work towards creating an open and welcoming environment.

Maine Limits Employer Inquiries Into Job Applicants’ Criminal History

Employers in the Pine Tree State are now forbidden to ask candidates about their criminal history on initial job applications.

HR Headaches: How to Deal With Gossip in the Workplace

Follow these 4 steps to recognize, address, reduce, and eliminate gossip in the workplace.



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