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HR Headaches: Is It OK to Drink Alcohol at a Work Lunch?

Your business should have a policy that bars employees from working, and putting themselves and others at risk, while impaired.

What to Do When Employees Don’t Want to Return to the Office

Employers and employees can find a way to agree on return-to-work issues and policies. Here’s how.

Everything You Need to Know About Employee Background Checks

When you are in the process of hiring a candidate, it’s important to consider whether you want to conduct a background check.

What Is New Hire Reporting?

New hire reporting is mandatory for all employers. Here’s how to do the process properly.

The 6 Employee Background Checks To Know

It's your job as HR manager to protect the company from potentially dangerous employees, and for many, that means conducting a background check.

What Makes an Employee Eligible for Rehire?

Learn about reasons to include or exclude former employees for rehire.



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