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Step-by-Step Guide for Filling Out a W-4 Form

For many people, hiring forms are a mystery. But it’s important to understand your income tax obligations, and how to use IRS Form W-4.

TIN or EIN? How to Choose Your IRS Tax Identification Number

Get help figuring out what type of tax identification number you need and should use when conducting business.

How to Fill Out a W-4 Form (and an Overview of What It Is)

Employees fill out a W-4 form so employers know how much money to withhold from each paycheck for federal tax purposes.

Why Employees Should Check Their Federal Withholding Every Year

Learn why the IRS encourages employees to complete their W-4 correctly so that the right amount of federal income tax is withheld.

Hiring Unemployed Workers: What Are the Risks and Benefits?

If you’re hiring at your company, and are looking at unemployed workers as candidates, consider both the risks and benefits.

Payroll Tax Penalties Small Businesses Should Know About

Here are penalties your small business might face for failing to comply with payroll tax laws — along with waivers and technology for avoiding them.

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