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Vaping in the Workplace FAQs

E-cigarettes in the workplace? The rules are not very clear, but this FAQ will help HR leaders clarify workplace policies

New Form I-9 Requirements for Employers Goes Into Effect May 1, 2020

Form I-9 verifies an employee’s identity and their authorization to legally work in the U.S. Find out what new requirements are coming

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A new law will help small businesses go through the bankruptcy process. Here’s what you need to know

Small Business Starter Pack: What You Need to Grow Your Small Business

Make sure your small business operations are efficient and clutter-free with these easy-to-use tools

Understanding Federal Minimum Wage (Updated for 2020)

Federal minimum wage is set at $7.25, but many states, counties, and cities have their own mandates

5 Tools To Efficiently Manage Your Remote Team

Not sure how to manage your remote team? Here are 5 tools to get you started!



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