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Where to Find an All-in-One California Workplace Safety Poster

Compliance with OSHA and workplace safety regulations is essential. Here’s what California employers need to know and where to find the best poster.

What Seattle’s Minimum Wage Law For Gig Workers Means For Employers

Studies reveal that 14% of gig workers earned less than the federal minimum wage, and 29% earned less than the state minimum wage.

What You Need to Know About Providing Healthcare Benefits in 2022

Higher premiums, changing government programs and rules, tips for affordability ... here's what you should know about trends in health benefits for 2022.

Summer Brings Equal Pay for Equal Work for Mississippi Workers

The state's attorney general, Lynn Fitch, said the legislature had "taken a critical step forward for empowering Mississippi women."

NY Sets Up Workplace Sexual Harassment Hotline, Forbids Release of Personnel Files

"Everyone has the right to a workplace free of unlawful discrimination and harassment..."

Virginia Changes Overtime Pay Standards to Align with FLSA

Virginia's 2022 overhaul of the overtime pay requirements aligns its overtime obligations with the federal FLSA in many ways.

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