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New Hampshire Payroll Tax & Registration Guide

Employers in The Live Free or Die State, here’s what you need to know about payroll taxes and business registration in New Hampshire.

Montana Payroll Tax and Registration Guide

Companies who pay employees in Montana must register with the MT Department of Revenue (DOR) for a Withholding Account Number and the MT Department of Labor and Industry (DLI) for a Unemployment Insurance (UI) Account Number.

Wisconsin Payroll Tax and Registration Guide

Employers in America's Dairyland State: learn about Wisconsin payroll tax and registration here.

Small Business Week 2023: Ways You Can Make an Impact

National Small Business Week will run from Sunday, April through Saturday, May 6 this year. Here's how to celebrate — and connect with your customers and community.

New York Employers Must Post Salary Ranges in Job Ads in Late 2023

On Dec. 21, Governor Kathy Hochul signed the “New York Pay Transparency Law.” The purpose of the legislation is to eliminate pay disparities and discrimination through the increased transparency of advertising salary ranges. Do you have the processes in place to comply with this law?

Remote Worker Reimbursement

Several states, the District of Columbia, and the city of Seattle have laws requiring organizations to provide their employees with reimbursement for any “necessary work-related expenses.”

Massachusetts Court: Employers Can’t Delay Workers’ Final Pay

The Massachusetts decision holds employers accountable if there is a delay in the payout of an employee’s wages.

Everything You Need to Know About Workforce Planning

Organizations use workforce planning to analyze their current workforce and determine what steps they should take to meet future staffing demands.

Illinois, Massachusetts, Miami Beach Employers Face Hair Discrimination Bans

The states of Illinois and Massachusetts and the city of Miami Beach have approved their own versions of the CROWN Act.

HR Fast Facts: Louisiana Child Support Payments Registration Process

Businesses must register with the state of Louisiana for payments to be remitted.

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