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Navigate the world of benefits, including medical insurance, retirement planning, and paid leave

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HR Guide to Virtual Open Enrollment

Open enrollment is getting closer and closer! Here are 4 steps you can take to offer OE virtually and smoothly.

A Small Business Guide to FMLA

Learn more about the Family and Medical Leave Act, and how it impacts your employees and small business.

A People Operations Look at Open Enrollment

Here’s how a People Ops approach can make open enrollment more secure and more enjoyable for your employees.

Key Dates You Need to Know for Open Enrollment 2022

Prepare for open enrollment with these key dates and important considerations.

6 Ways to Decrease Rising Employee Benefits Costs

Here are tips to budget for employee healthcare costs and other benefits expenses.

Why Your Employees Must Understand Their Company Stock Options

4 tips employees need to know about company stock options

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What to Know About Open Enrollment 2021

Open enrollment begins on November 1, 2020 in most states. Have you started preparing?


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Meeting HR6201 Mandates...

Coronavirus Checklist
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Coronavirus Checklist

An editable .docx template preloaded with tools and tips...


Ultimate Guide to Workplace Wellness Programs

Learn how corporate wellness programs can improve employee health &...