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The Small Business Guide to FSAs for 2020

As a small business owner, offering an FSA to employees is a win-win. It helps reduce the tax burden for both employees and employers, and reduce out-of-pocket spending on healthcare items.

5 Out-of-Office Reply Templates You Can Steal

Auto Response: Sorry (not sorry) I missed you

The New 2020 Healthcare FSA Contribution Limit

The new 2020 Healthcare Flexible Spending Account contribution limit was raised to $2,750.

What is Holiday Pay? Who Gets it?

Do you have employees that will be working on a holiday? Read this guide to learn how to keep things legal.

Dear Boss, Just Call the Snow Day

You know nothing about snow days

4 Ways to Help You (and Your Employees) Save for Retirement

Did you know one-third of small business owners don't have a retirement plan?


How to Create a Full Benefits Strategy to Keep Employees

Not all benefits are worth the investment, especially when you’re in the early stages of your business. So what benefit package should you offer to employees?



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The State of Flexible Work Arrangements

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The State of PTO Report

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