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Why Benefits Benchmarking Is Important for Employers

With benefits benchmarking, you can compare your company’s total compensation costs against those of similar companies. Find out more about benchmarking here.

9 Ways to Make Benefits Administration Easier (An HR Checklist)

Benefits administration can involve a lot of paperwork. Here are some helpful tips to make the benefits administration process easier to manage.

Pay Transparency Laws: How They Could Affect Your Business

Laws on pay transparency are getting established in some cities and states, and may trend quickly across the country.

Benefits That No Longer Fit Your Workforce

Discover how to determine which benefits should stay and which should go — along with tips on asking employees for their feedback about benefits.

What to Consider When Creating a Parental Leave Policy

When it comes to your parental leave policy, find out how you can utilize state and federal benefits, and how you might consider using them to bolster your own benefits for your staff.

How to Educate Employees on Health Plan Options

The healthcare marketplace is changing. Here's how to maximize employee participation and prevent penalties due to non-compliance.

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What to Know About Open Enrollment 2021

Open enrollment begins on November 1, 2020 in most states. Have you started preparing?


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Meeting HR6201 Mandates...

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Coronavirus Checklist

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