Essential Collaboration Tools and Apps for Remote Workers

Collaboration tools with features like project tracking, video conferencing, and screen sharing help companies connect with remote teams.

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Are your teams well-equipped for remote work?

Here are some top apps and tools for remote collaboration:

  • Airtable is known for spreadsheet functionality, and Dropbox is popular for file storage
  • Asana and Trello are well-known project trackers and apps for visually organizing collaborative work
  • Slack is the preferred chat conversation app for many teams
  • The G Suite, Skype for Business, and Zoom all offer video conferencing tools

As the COVID-19 pandemic dragged on, nearly everything about work changed. Some changes, like the increased use of collaboration tools, might never return to pre-pandemic style. Workplaces across the United States closed, opened, closed, and went hybrid as coronavirus variants raged and waned. The fact is, many businesses have decided that remote work is here to stay. So, the use of reliable online collaboration software that keeps remote teams in touch with other team members by way of audio and video calls, file sharing, and more, is more important than ever.

An online collaboration platform keeps businesses agile. Most stakeholders realize that deft remote project management is a long-term advantage. Staying agile enough to handle unpredictable situations by using remote work means staying current with an online collaboration tool that facilitates real time collaboration, wrapped in an easy to use interface.

The best online collaboration tools for distributed teams

These online collaboration tools can help foster camaraderie and collaboration that drives successful remote teamwork. That’s true whether you have one team member, or scores of them, working remotely. Look for collaboration features that keep everyone on the same page, driving project progress forward — regardless of where team members are located.

Look for collaboration features that keep everyone on the same page, driving project progress forward — regardless of where team members are located.

Airtable: Task management focus

More than just a spreadsheet app, Airtable has become a favorite for team collaboration when it comes to resolving the age-old problem of how to manage projects better. The key features of this online collaboration tool involve its blend of spreadsheet and database functionality. Airtable offers an intuitive interface that makes data easy for remote teams to view and analyze from anywhere.

Asana: Team collaboration app to go

This remote project management tool has become a favorite of many project managers and team members alike. Asana provides an easy visual interface showing everything related to the project in one place. It shines among team collaboration mobile apps because it facilitates everything from creating projects, assigning tasks and to do lists, setting deadlines, and providing instant messaging and group chat spaces so team members can collaborate on projects while on the go. It even facilitates time tracking on projects.

Dropbox: A team collaboration platform for content heavy projects

For the project manager who has to share and manage large and numerous files with a wide-ranging team, Dropbox is a formidable tool in the collaboration box. It is especially useful for documentation and content resource management. Team members can share files through the cloud and access them from multiple devices securely from any location. It’s important that project managers set up a logical file organization system (from the start) to get the most out of this collaboration tool.

The G Suite: For online Mmeetings, presentations, file sharing, and more

Google created its G Suite to encompass practically everything teams need to manage projects in one secure cloud-based space. This omnipresent giant offers email and robust video conferencing tools plus spreadsheets, word processing, slide presentations and easy ways to assign tasks in the calendar. Project managers and team members can organize, store and update everything in the office, at home or on the go. Admin access lets business owners keep everything managed in one place. The best part? It offers secure file storage and sharing in the Cloud.

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Skype for business: The classic video conferencing tool

Long before Zoom, Skype was the video conferencing tool. But Skype for Business is considerably more robust than what you might remember from its earlier iterations. Skype makes it easy to share other Microsoft files between team members. More importantly, it empowers team collaboration on those files with instant messaging in an easy-to-use, familiar user interface.

Slack: For team communication

Many remote workers miss being able to hang out in the break room for a little casual conversation with coworkers. Slack enables team members to get a taste of that. Companies can create slack channels for marketing teams, project teams, development teams, other departments, and even groups for casual topics of interest. Many remote teams enjoy slack because it facilitates casual, social conversations that have been hard to duplicate in remote settings.

Trello: Online collaboration tool

This tool is similar in functionality to Asana. There are teams who are passionate about either one or the other. Trello also organizes big projects visually for easy team collaboration. What sets Trello apart is its “Butler” feature. It boosts productivity with automatic reminders and follow-ups that free product managers from sending those tedious reminder emails.

Zoom: Synonymous with online meetings for team collaboration

Zoom established itself as the video conferencing software du jour from the very beginning of the pandemic. With easy (and now very familiar) tools for hosting online meetings and screen sharing, it helps bring those all-important face-to-face interactions together for remote teamwork. It is the collaboration tool of choice for webinars and video presentations, as well as remote meetings across the board.

The best online collaboration tools

Not only do work experts expect remote teamwork to continue, they expect it to even increase over the coming years. Whether it’s a pandemic, gas prices or some other unpredictable situation, make sure your team is ready to go remote and thrive with the right collaboration tools.

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