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Minimum Wage in Every State (Updated for 2020)

Across the U.S., states are raising their minimum wage laws every month. If it’s been hard for you to stay on top of the changes, check out this updated list.

Washington Paid Family and Medical Leave Law Goes Into Effect in 2020

Washington is the latest state to offer paid family and medical leave for its residents.

Top Payroll Practices for Employee Breaks: Don’t Be Caught Out of Compliance

Employee breaks are subject to labor laws and company policies

New in 2020: New Jersey Enacts Salary History Ban

New Jersey has a new law prohibiting employers from asking job applicants' salary history

Maine Expands Protections for Pregnant Workers

Maine extends existing protections for pregnant and nursing employees

Oregon Pregnancy Law: What Employers Need to Know in 2020

Businesses with 6 or more employees must comply with the new law



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