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Laws, regulations, standards, and ethical practices that could apply to your organization

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What California Employers Need to Know About the 2022 Retirement Plan Deadline Mandate

By June 30, 2022, California employers with more than 5 employees will need to offer their workforce a retirement plan through CalSavers or a private retirement plan provider.

Did You Fire for Cause or Out of Retaliation?

Firing or disciplining an employee in retaliation can leave your business in a legal mess. Find out how to avoid acting in retaliation and being taken to court.

8 Federal Employment Laws to Keep Top of Mind

Here's a list of 8 federal employment laws that employers should consider to know their legal obligations.

How You Can Foster Data Ethics and Promote a Data Literate Workforce

Here's why it's vital to have a solid, transparent data ethics policy and communicate it clearly to employees, clients, and customers.

Handling Invisible Disabilities in the Workplace

These are the best practices for working with employees with invisible disabilities to ensure compliance with ADA requirements and to be as inclusive and equitable as possible.

Paid Family and Medical Leave Comes to Maryland

Leave under the Maryland paid family leave law runs concurrently with FMLA leave.

Return to Office: Updating Your Business Travel Policy

Consider these tips when updating your employee travel policy with COVID in mind.

10 People Operations Tips for HR Leaders in the Cannabis Space

Here’s what HR leaders in the fastest growing industry in the U.S. should do to support their workforce and business.

What Employers Need to Know About Pandemic Unemployment Assistance

Pandemic unemployment assistance (PUA) has been confusing for both employees and employers. Here's what you need to know.

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