Coronavirus Posters You Can Use in Your Workplace (With Free Download!)

Posters about COVID-19 in your workplace can help employees and customers stay informed, have accurate information, and know you are working to protect them.


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Coronavirus posters business owners can create — covering symptoms, cleaning and disinfectants, sick leave, protective gear, and emergency operations

The spread of the coronavirus has left businesses trying to navigate uncharted territory. If you are a business owner trying to figure out what information you need to post in your business, this article is for you.

The U.S. Department of Labor has issued a poster that fulfills employers’ notice requirements under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act. The act went into effect April 1. Employers must place this poster in the workplace or emailing or mailing this notice directly to employees. The DOL has also issued an FAQ that outlines the employers’ responsibility.

Don’t assume that your customer base knows the precautions to take or the accommodations your business has likely made. The CDC has provided helpful coronavirus posters to post in your workplace and across your social media outlets. These posters will educate your customers on best practices to adopt, along with the efforts your business is taking to protect them.

Editor’s note: You can download individual posters by clicking on each image and saving the file, or you download them all (in multiple sizes) by clicking here.

Office Posters - Stop the Spread of Germs

Office Posters - Protect Yourself

Office Posters - Protect Yourself

Office Posters - Hand Washing

Office Posters - Hand Washing

Office Posters - Hand Washing

Symptoms posters

At this point, most know what coronavirus is and the flu-like symptoms that come with it. A poster of coronavirus symptoms and facts is more of a reminder for your employees than it is for educational purposes. Although people are acutely aware of coronavirus, they may not be as self-aware as you may think.

Place your symptoms posters near popular areas in the office such as the break room, restrooms, and lobby. Also put up posters on bathroom walls and mirrors to encourage employees to practice proper handwashing. Even if you have such signs in place, add the coronavirus posters next to them with a step-by-step procedure.

Cleaning and disinfectant posters

This poster is for any business and not just those providing food or health services. Even if you operate a small brick and mortar business with limited interaction with customers, having this poster is still a best practice for your employees.

The goal of this poster is to outline exactly how your staff should be cleaning the business space and how often.

If you want to make your own, check the Center for Disease Control’s site for guidelines to follow and include in your poster. Post this information in high traffic areas including your business storefront, waiting areas, break rooms, and restrooms. Consider posting this information on your social media to inform customers that your business is taking precautions to protect the public from Coronavirus.

Behind the scenes, keep meticulous records of who is the cleaning and when. This will help your staff stay on top of best practices.

Sick leave and other policies

Create informative posters for your employees regarding the policies management and human resources have put in place for the duration of the coronavirus. Even if you have distributed these policies via mass email or other means, create the poster to have visibility around your business.

Make sure that your policies adhere to any shifts that have happened in your state or on the national level.

Here are key policies to include. Create as many posters as you need to cover the information:

  • Sick leave policy
  • Telework policy
  • Payroll information

You may check out the full list of the CDC recommendations here. Make sure that your policies adhere to any shifts that have happened in your state or on the national level. Keep yourself informed and communicate regularly with your HR staff, legal team, and local legislators (if applicable).

Protective gear policy

If your business has opted to have staff wear gloves, masks, or other protective gear, then creating a poster on proper wear is wise. These posters should also be visible to customers as well and will help to communicate a sense of safety.

Some details you can include on the protective gear poster are:

  • Do not use latex gloves or disposable masks multiple times
  • Discard the protective gear in biohazard bags and dispose of at the end of the business day
  • The location of all protective gear

This protective gear is at your discretion to implement, and you can change policies if needed. The CDC outlines guidelines for wearing protective gear here.

Emergency operations plan

If you work for a large organization, such as a community center or place of faith, then having your detailed emergency operations plan posted is vital. You should inform staff what to do in the event that there is an emergency related to coronavirus.

You should make these guidelines clear to employees:

  • The exit strategy in the wake of an emergency
  • Each person or department’s role in an emergency

These guidelines are intimately unique to the business and resources at hand, but you may create your poster using these detailed guidelines.

Make sure to put up this poster widely throughout your workplace. This is also a best practice for small businesses as well.

The posters that you design for the workplace should be informative and display accurate information.

Closing tips

Remember, although coronavirus is a temporary circumstance — you do need to put forth every effort to help protect your customers and employees.

Your every effort to do so will be meaningful. The posters that you design for the workplace should be informative and display accurate information. Check the CDC website and your state government website for current facts, and communicate regularly with your colleagues on the best practices your business should instill.


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