Get Ready For Gen Z Workers

Gen Z is starting to enter the workforce, and we’re betting they’ll make businesses streamlined and more inclusive


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Generation Z Workest
The youngest generation is already 9 million strong in the U.S. workforce

It’s no secret that Baby Boomers and Millennials dominate the workforce right now.

However, as more and more Baby Boomers are facing retirement, and the newer generation of workers takes over, we’re going to see a completely new face of the workforce, altogether.

Whose face is that? Generation Z.

Who is Generation Z?

Coined “Gen Z” because they come after Generation X and Generation Y (Millennials), refers to the demographic of people born after the Millennial generation, having birth years in the mid-1990s to early-2000s.

This generation came into their own when after technology had been fully established, therefore, they have been well-rehearsed in modern technology for most of their lives.

Generation Z characteristics

Generation Z has a few notable characteristics that differ from Millennials, Generation X, and Baby Boomers. One of the most notable being their media consumption.

Generation Z is most likely to consume media on their smartphone, contrary to Millennials who mostly consume their media via desktop.

Generation Z also spends the least amount of time watching TV, with Baby Boomers coming in first at an average of 24 hours a week.

Generation Z values social media, are considered “realists,” and value ethical/genuine content.

Generation Z Stereotypes

Unsurprisingly, Generation Z has earned their stereotypes in the same way that other generations have.

  • Social Media obsessed
  • Technology obsessed
  • Disconnected with the “real world”
  • Looks for shortcuts via technology

While it’s easy to categorize Generation Z as the above, the truth is that they’re immersed in the world, just in a digital realm. This has created a desire to remain undefined.

McKinsey research is quoted having observed that “for Gen Zers, the key point is not to define themselves through only one stereotype but rather for individuals to experiment with different ways of being themselves and to shape their individual identities over time.”

Generation Z in the Workplace

It goes without saying that as this generation gets older, they’ll make up a large demographic of the workforce in the same cycle that has occurred for decades.

What does this mean?

You can expect Gen Z workers to be:

  • Tech-savvy … probably more so than any other generation
  • Fluid and undefined
  • Innovators when it comes to finding better ways to complete tasks
  • UX/UI geniuses

Ultimately, they’ll make the workplace more streamlined, automated, and inclusive and will be able to fully grasp what incoming consumers want in terms of technology functions.

Experts believe they’ll make the workplace more optimized for work in terms of flexibility and atmospherics and will challenge traditional organizational structures in general.


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