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How to Make Your Workplace Friendly for Parents

A family-friendly work culture benefits everyone. Here's how your small business can support expectant and working parents.

How Managers Can Spot Employee Burnout

A variety of factors can lead to employee burnout, including stress caused by managers. Here’s what you can do to prevent burning out employees.

4 Ways AI is Shaping the Future of HR and Hiring in 2020

Check out these ways AI is helping HR professionals optimize their time

Work Dress Code: What It Says About Your Business

Do you really need a suit to be considered serious? 

When is it Best For Small Businesses to Hire? (And Other Hiring FAQs)

If you're looking to hire for your small business, use this guide to answer some of the most common questions about small business hiring

10 Exit Interview Questions You Should Ask Employees Who Are Leaving (And Why!)

While it’s important to rehire to help maintain production levels and morale, it’s just as important to understand why the employee is leaving the company

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