How to Set Your Company Apart When Recruiting

With the tightest labor market in years, businesses of all sizes are starting to sharpen their recruiting efforts. Heres what we recommend.

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how to set your company apart when recruiting

The frontier of the workforce is constantly changing. With older generations working beyond traditional retirement ages and Gen Z now entering the workforce, there can be as many as five generations of workers within a single company. There are commonalities between what this diverse pool of people enjoy in the workplace; paid time off, solid health benefits, and an engaging culture to name a few.

However, many candidates are more likely to find a job attractive if the company is using advanced and competitive technology. Here’s why your company should be using artificial intelligence (AI) to recruit top talent.

Today’s Workforce is Tech-Driven

When recruiting, it’s important to note that Millennials and generation Z grew up with technology, and feel more comfortable with it than their predecessors. 56 percent of millennials reported that they are digitally savvy.

This spills over into work life, in which younger employees increasingly depend on technology for productivity. Video conference calls, communication platforms, even the use of mobile working with laptops all increase output, and in turn, increase employee satisfaction. According to a 2016 study by Adobe, 81 percent of US office workers say state-of-the-art tech is important at work.

Value is Placed on Strategic Work

As a fundamental part of their social, educational, and professional lives, younger generations look for technology in the workplace. Not only will this make employees more comfortable, but it will also increase output. When companies invest in AI and technologies that perform repetitive tasks, it frees up time. Employees can take that time and focus their attention on more judgment-oriented and critical work; something that a computer could not do. The ability to make a meaningful contribution to a company is something millennials value in the workplace and is a selling point when recruiting them.

New & Improved Communication Options

Transparency is a major factor throughout the recruiting process. The days of corporate hierarchies and in-person meetings have been replaced with more accessible methods of communication. Constant communication, transparent updates, and meaningful discussions around work are becoming the norm in the hiring process. The latest technology is not only expected by these employees but allows them to juggle more than one task at a time.

Results Over Outdated Rules

Employees are becoming used to being constantly connected. They work on-the-go, reply to emails at any time of the day, and even text with their colleagues should an issue arise. The idea that coworkers only communicate between 9 and 5 is not only antiquated, but it slows down results. Investing in apps and the latest technology allows employees to pivot, move quickly, and problem-solve away from their desks. This also alleviates the pressure of being chained to a computer for 8 hours, allowing more collaboration, creative freedom, and even out-of-office activities.

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