Family Medical Leave

Antoinette asked 2 years ago
I have been working for my company for three years, and I have been approved for family medical leave for two. Now it's time for me to redo my family medical leave and they tell me no can they tell me I can't sign up anymore.
1 Answer
Riia O’Donnell replied 2 years ago
Need more information here - but I'll try. You say your company approved you for FMLA for 'two' - not sure what that means. Are you now wanting to renew your FMLA request for the new year? Whether or not you can reapply will depend on when you took the last leave, for how long, and whether or not your company calculates leave on a calendar basis (employees are entitled to new leave requests on January 1) or if they work on an annual basis (you are not entitled to a second leave until 1 year from the date you returned from your last leave). If you could provide more detail that would help, but you might want to ask your company how they calculate leave and when you'd be eligible again.