What are some recommendations for managing anxiety in a business/company?
HR Questions>What are some recommendations for managing anxiety in a business/company?

What are some recommendations for managing anxiety in a business/company?

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Mahima Contreras asked 2 years ago

1 Answer
Jean replied 2 years ago
Hi Mahima,

Ankur Patel, Director of Product Marketing at Zenefits, has some insights on fighting anxiety at work.

1. Why is anxiety rising?

The Anxiety & Depression Association of America recently found 75% of employees say their stress interferes with both their personal and professional lives. There are several stressors that may be on your team’s mind, including the pandemic, the war in Ukraine, rising inflation, supply chain issues, and the tight talent market.

1. Leading with empathy

It’s important to remember that stress and anxiety show up differently for people. As leaders, we have to approach our teams with empathy first and foremost. Intentionally carve out time for people to have meaningful conversations and consider other ways you can care for your team, like providing a therapist.

1. Encourage good mental health practices

Finally, make it easy for your people to take care of themselves. Ensure your vacation policy is generous, consider adjusting your company’s workweek, and normalize conversations around emotional and mental health.

For more information on fighting workplace anxiety, watch the video below.

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