What is HR’s role in implementing federal mandates?

Amanda asked 2 weeks ago
1 Answer
Jean Staff replied 2 weeks ago
Hi Amanda! Great question. It can feel like requirements are changing far too rapidly to keep up. Here are some examples of repercussions if companies don't implement certain federal mandates.

The Fair Labor Standards Act: This is the law that establishes minimum wage over time record keeping and youth employment standards. If a company were to willfully violate this law, they could be prosecuted criminally, and the violator could be fined up to $10,000.

Misclassifying workers: When you're classifying workers, a lot of times companies are trying to decide between, is this person an employee or a contractor? Now, if you were to classify someone as a contractor and, later on, the the contractor says, "Wait a second, I'm actually an employee," and they file a claim, the IRS may fine the employer or seek criminal conviction with jail time.

Poster requirements for employers: One of the federal requirements is put up a poster in your workplace, make sure everyone can see it, so they know what benefits apply to them. If you don't follow that poster requirement, it comes with its own penalties. For example, the Federal Family and Medical Leave Act. If that poster isn't put up in your workplace, you could get fined at $1,273.

There are obviously more details to these examples, and if you're interested in learning more you can check out this video!