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Why should I re-recruit our staff?

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Amanda asked 1 year ago
With people leaving organizations so quickly, I’ve heard of other companies “re-recruiting” their staff. What are the benefits of this and what does that look like?

1 Answer
Jean replied 1 year ago
Danny Speros, VP of People Operations at Zenefits, has explored why you need to re-recruit your employees and has found a few simple tips to get started.

1. Why re-recruit your staff?

We saw a record number of 4.5 million resignations in November 2021, and over half of the workforce is still considering changing jobs in the next year. There are over 10 million open jobs right now, so it’s safe to say most of your employees are being recruited by someone else.

2. Re-recruiting doesn’t have to be complicated

You don’t need to create an elaborate process to re-recruit your employees. Re-recruiting is just a chance to check in with your people, understand how they feel about their current role, and learn where they want to be down the road.

3. Learn about your people with conversation starters

Danny suggests a few questions to prompt thoughtful conversations with your staff:

– What are the best and worst parts of your job?
– Have you ever considered leaving?
– What would you change about your job if you had a magic wand?
– What can I do to help you feel appreciated for the work you do?

For more help re-recruiting your employees, check out the video below:

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