Is TikTok a Good Recruiting Tool for Business?

Could TikTok be a great way to recruit employees? Find out more and decide if it may be an effective tool for companies looking to hire new workers.

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Is TikTok a Good Recruiting Tool for Business?

Here's what you need to know:

  • If a business is looking to bring in talent from Generation Z, TikTok could be a helpful platform
  • When it comes to TikTok, companies have the chance to promote their services and products to more than 700 million users
  • Before starting a recruitment marketing plan for TikTok, think about the target candidate, build for the audience, and highlight the company
  • When using TikTok for recruitment, use hashtags, create a hook, and show the company’s value

There are nearly endless avenues for virtual recruiting, and what works for one company might not be right for the next business. Platforms vary and attract different generations and types of people. If a business is looking to bring in talent from Generation Z, the most common virtual recruiting tools may not quite cut it.

Based on a survey from the digital marketing network Omnicore, about 60% of Millennials use LinkedIn. This also happens to be considered one of the best places to engage with potential talent. However, when it comes to Gen Z, fewer than 20% are spending time on this social media platform.

The way Millennials think of Facebook as outdated is similar to how Gen Z looks at LinkedIn. It seems cumbersome, old, and outdated, so it’s not a place where they tend to be looking for jobs or resources about careers. Gen Z has seen a huge number of services come and go, and about 20% of them spend about 5 hours a day on TikTok.

When looking for recruitment options, TikTok is a unique choice. It might be known for silly dances, wacky pranks, and funny videos, but it’s far more than that. It actually may be an excellent place for a company to focus its recruiting efforts.

Why should employers consider TikTok for recruiting?

Having a robust social media presence is something that can help a company meet and surpass its business goals. When it comes to TikTok, companies have the chance to promote their services and products to more than 700 million users. A few of the benefits of recruiting via TikTok include the following:

  • Access to millions of individuals: Using TikTok’s platform, businesses have a chance of going viral. This could bring in millions of potential candidates who are looking for positions like the one at the company.
  • Potential to build a brand: As someone in HR, it can be a struggle to build a brand and make sure it’s showcased to the best candidates. Using TikTok provides the chance to build and show candidates the company culture using short videos.
  • Available benefits visualization: It’s simple to use TikTok to visually show off the benefits available when working at a specific company. Videos can show what it’s like to work there, show how work-life balance is, and even demonstrate pay or other perks.
  • Flexibility for use across social media: One of the things that TikTok does well is integrating with other platforms. When TikTok videos are shared on other social media platforms, it can increase a company’s following and give access to additional candidates.

Things to consider before choosing TikTok recruiting

There are several things to consider before deciding to start a huge recruitment marketing plan for TikTok. Make sure all key stakeholders who should be involved in the decision are present. It’s essential to be sure marketing content paints the company in the best light and is fully on brand.

Think about the target candidate

While creating videos for TikTok, make sure to keep the target candidate in mind. Process the job requisition and think about the type of message that would appeal to the desired candidate.

Every video needs to be created for a specific audience. Keep in mind that every candidate will have pain points or reasons this position is more attractive to them than others.

Build for the audience

Recruiting through social media is often going to differ based on the types of roles that need to be filled. The main exception to that is LinkedIn, which is built specifically for career-based activities. Knowing the audience is key to doing well on TikTok.

When it comes to senior positions in a company, there may not be a large number of candidates on TikTok. It might be better to use the time on another platform if the role is upper management or CEO-level. Being aware of the audience and thinking about the role being recruited for will go a long way.

Highlight the company

When posting videos on TikTok, make sure they represent your brand and maintain the culture of the company. Nobody wants to start putting out videos that misrepresent a company that millions of people could be watching.

What are methods to use TikTok for recruitment?

Using the TikTok app can be complicated or simple, depending on how it is leveraged. Some recruiters choose to use their personal accounts for the process.

This can lead to badly lit videos without professional editing that are unlikely to resonate with candidates. Others put a ton of effort into their videos. It all comes down to what works best for a company’s recruitment strategy.

Get started

Deciding to use TikTok for your business is a great first step for recruitment. However, it’s also essential to move forward with the process.

Put a challenge in place for the company and creators to turn on the record button and begin. This is the only way to create content that could attract the candidates a company wants to find.

Work together about rules and roles around social media. Once those things have been hashed out, it’s time to move forward.

Use hashtags to increase your presence

The brands that do best on TikTok are using hashtags to increase their presence and look for potential workers. This is something every company should do if using TikTok for recruitment processes.

Use a hashtag for the company or even use separate ones for each role.

Use a hashtag for the company or even use separate ones for each role. Those who aren’t ready to make their own hashtags can use existing ones. Hashtags let company videos target the right people faster.

Create a hook in the first few seconds of the video

One of the most important things to do on TikTok is to hook the candidate. It needs to be done quickly. Starting with a catchy hook makes it much more likely that a video will go viral and reach a larger number of candidates. As the video is seen more, the company is highlighted in front of additional people.

The hook or the most exciting part of the video should be in the first few seconds of the video. This is the path to getting the best results using TikTok.

Show the company’s value

The only way candidates on TikTok will apply to a role in a company is if the video motivates them to action and draws them in. Displaying the value of the organization, position, or both will help attract passive and active candidates interested in the brand.

When the company delivers on that value, whether through benefits, work-life balance, or salary, candidates will be interested and far more likely to move on to turning in an application.

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TikTok holds many recruitment opportunities

Memes and funny videos might be a staple of TikTok, but that’s not all it’s good for. It’s a huge platform with talented professionals who could be valuable as employees. It offers both free and paid opportunities to expand recruitment efforts across social media.

Choose one strategy or several, or combine the ones that work best for your business. It’s an excellent method to share a message and attract a massive number of job candidates. It just takes a bit of creativity and an understanding of the platform.

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