It’s Our Work-aversary: Workest Turns Two!

Thank you for being part of the success of Workest!

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Two years ago, our team set out with a mission: to empower, via content, small businesses.

Setting aside our HR Software hat, we realized business owners and people managers needed more than our stellar tools, they were craving digestible information that could help them make smart workplace decisions.

Workest was born to do just that – combine WORK with BEST as a free resource for anyone willing to take the time to read our posts.



On September 15 2019, Workest came to life. We found industry writers and experts who are passionate about the subjects which we knew you, our readers, wanted to see. Our researchers dug deep to bring little-known and under utilized topics to our readers, in interesting and consumable ways.

Here are some of the fun things we have published:

Workest, circa September 2019

Workest, September 2019
Workest homepage, September 2019


We watched as our readership grew  from 0 to tens of thousands across the US and Canada. Today, we have just over 66,000 subscribers to our weekly email, the Workest weekly. Each week, we delight that over 200,000 pageviews happen on our carefully curated original workplace content. We watch and respond as readers submit questions to our Q&As, and revel in the feedback and shares of our over 2,200 articles.

We decided in January of 2021 to re-brand Workest to better align with Zenefits. Feedback told us that our readers trusted Zenefits, and that the tighter alliance would further merge the credibility between our HR experts teams and Workest editorial and design.

Workest today, September 2021


Workest homepage, September 2021
Workest homepage, September 2021


But most of all, we love when a business tells us that we have MADE AN IMPACT on them, their employees, and their bottom line. We promise to continue to deliver excellent content that we think you will love.


How has Workest impacted your World of Work? What can we do better? If you have a moment, help us out:






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