Keep a Pulse on Your Flexible Benefit Accounts

Do you remember how much is left in your flexible benefits account? Or what’s covered? Access this important information on-the-go with Zenefits mobile.

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Flexible spending accounts are a great way to save money on transportation costs and medical expenses by using pre-tax dollars  — think Commuter Benefits, FSAs and HSAs. But do you remember how much you have left in your balance? Or what’s covered?

We get it — sometimes you don’t have the time to look up that information when trying to board a train or when you’re at the doctor’s office. What’s more problematic is the fact that you may put off purchases and appointments because you don’t have the balance information needed to make a quick, informed decision.

With Zenefits for Mobile, you can look up your Commuter Benefits or FSA / HSA balance in a few seconds. When you need to complete a payment, you can reference your all-in-one debit card, verify eligible expenses and make a decision immediately. And if you ever misplace your card, a replacement is just a swipe away.

Hear what our customers are saying

“Being able to pull up your flex accounts, like commuter benefits, is always very hard. It’s really great to have it right there in the app especially for our employees who use it to ride the train every day.” – Seth Brown, Spear Physical Therapy

See for yourself

Check account balances for FSA, HSA and commuter benefits, and replace lost benefit cards in seconds.


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