Mixing Politics and Business, Holiday Gift Boxes is $20 Billion Business

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Hey. Hi. Hello and Happy Wednesday. Check out these stories on mixing business with politics, the role that gift baskets could play in expanding your business and a fun profile of a female small business owner with plenty of heart — and business savvy!

Is participating in politics good for your business?

While the pressure — and temptation — might be strong to weigh in on political and social issues, savvy business owners need to take stock of the risks and benefits of engaging. In a highly polarized political climate, the safe bet is picking issues that resonate with your target market and align with your company’s direct mission and purpose.

The Number: 53%. Consumers are fickle. If they agree with your position, 52% said they would show more loyalty, while 53% said they would show less loyalty if they disagree with your brand. 

The Quote: So whether it’s vocal employees, or passionate customers, or vocal millennials, there is a lot of pressure these days on businesses to take a stand.”

Wrap your [insert product] in cellophane and tie it with a bow this holiday season

As the holiday season (rapidly!) approaches, small business owners should consider upping their gift basket game. While big, established companies like Henry & David, Hickory Farms and even Amazon rake in huge profits, smaller companies should take advantage of increased online sales traffic to market their wares in a gift basket format.

The Number: $20 billion. The gift basket market netted $20 billion in 2018. 

The Quote: Food gifting marketers need to continue inventing and reinventing food gifts and to keep a watchful eye for ways to broaden holiday-related purchase rationales.”

Charlotte boutique shows plenty of heart … and smarts!

Continuing our celebration of Women’s Small Business month, we head to Charlotte, North Carolina to take a look at how entrepreneur Britt Goodling turned her “Glamper” pop-up store into a successful women-forward boutique. Who can resist a poetry-quoting business owner who got her start after her mother’s heart transplant? Not us!

The Number: 80%. CLT Boutique sources from 4 local vendors who specialize in unique, high-quality products, but 80% of their goods are made by the owner, Britt Goodling.  

The Quote: “What started out as a little side hustle turned into a full-time gig when I renovated a vintage camper and turned it into a mobile boutique.”

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