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Job Sharing: What Is It and Is It a Good Idea for Your Business?

Learn about the pros and cons of dividing a full-time role into two part-time roles.

6 Skills People Operations Professionals Need in 2022

What skills do you need to succeed in People Operations and HR in 2022? We asked the experts — here's what they said.

4 Best Practices for Using Pronouns in the Workplace

Encouraging pronoun sharing at your organization can help you work towards creating an open and welcoming environment.

Top 8 Books for Small Businesses

Are you a small business owner that needs inspiration? Check out this list of top business reads.

Should Employee Well-being Be Part of Your Small Business’s Brand?

A healthy workforce is a happy, productive workforce. Here are reasons why promoting employee wellbeing is a best practice as an employer.

What Is an Employee Referral Program?

Here are ways employee referral programs can help you bring in more top talent — plus tips on how to set up your own.

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Remote Work or Return to Work? Exposing the Gap Between What Employers Think and How Workers Feel

Returning to work amidst COVID-19: See how small business owners and employees feel about remote work, if they see themselves returning to an office, and what preparations they are making as states begin to reopen.


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