Five Things You Didn’t Know About Our Customer "Web Marketing for Dentists"

Welcome to Take Five, our customer Q&A series in which our Zenefits customers share their experiences through five questions! Learn all about WM4D, how they handle their HR issues, and the best business advice one business leader has ever received.

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Welcome to Take Five, our customer Q&A series in which our Zenefits customers share their experiences through five questions!

We’re pleased to introduce you to Sori Ptalis, the operations manager at Web Marketing for Dentists, a dental marketing company serving the dentist community for over 13 years. Sori has the broad responsibilities of HR administration, talent acquisition, account management, and is involved in all aspects of ensuring the company’s internal operations run smoothly. Within these many roles and responsibilities, she has found gratification in improving company culture and watching her team grow.

Customer Marketing Manager Kim Saloner sits down to “take five” with Sori:

Kim Saloner: What Zenefits functionality has most changed the way you run your business?

Sori Ptalis: By far, the Time Off feature has made everything PTO-related way easier. It eliminates the guesswork with each employee and keeps things very straightforward. From our processes like management approvals to onboarding new hires, it’s easily one of the features our whole company appreciates the most.

KS: What are your company’s core values and how have these developed over time?

SP: We’ve come a long way building the team we have now, so we protect what we’ve built by becoming more meticulous about who we let in. I’ve made sure that we carefully engage with people who have the characteristics that match our values. We value integrity, self-motivation, good work ethic, and professionalism. Nurturing these values was instrumental in our growth.

KS: What was your biggest “Aha!” moment in using Zenefits?

SP: My first “aha!“ moment was actually the day I discovered Zenefits. Right after I signed up, I realized how awesome it would be to no longer manage spreadsheets. Our ”system” wasn’t practical, especially as we started to grow. I had to manage these ridiculous spreadsheets that required color coding and equations with information that didn’t carry over from one to another. Although very helpful in other types of tasks, spreadsheets were not made for this.

KS: How has integrating Zenefits into your role been helpful?

SP: I would recommend Zenefits to anyone who works in HR, someone who occasionally has to wear the hat of a hiring manager, or anyone who just could use help managing company time. It’s awesome because everything people-related is in one place and saves everyone time. I like it mostly because it doesn’t feel awkward, clunky, or buggy.

KS: Lastly, what’s the best business advice you’ve ever received?

SP: The best business advice I have ever received came from one of my previous directors. He was recommending a book to me called ”Who Moved My Cheese?” by Spencer Johnson. In essence, he told me about how companies have to move where the market moves and need to keep trying new things to succeed. He told me “no matter what business you’re in, keep embracing change.”

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