The Best Company Swag for 2022

Reusable foodware, remote work gadgets, travel gear — find out about the latest company swag trends.

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Even before the pandemic, company swag could be sort of … stale, to say the least. There are only so many pairs of plastic sunglasses or questionable quality t-shirts that a person needs.

Then the pandemic came along and shook absolutely everything up. Things like company swag quickly dropped off as employees were furloughed and businesses around the world began tightening their belts.

With the earliest stages of the pandemic behind us, life has slowly but surely been returning to what might be considered the new normal. That doesn’t mean that there’s no room for old vestiges like company swag — just that the ideas probably have to be upgraded to fit the new world we’ve found ourselves in.

If you’re getting ready to get back on the company swag train, here are some updated ideas for the best company swag in 2022.

Branded water bottles and other drinkware 

Reusable water bottles are all the craze — and for good reason. Not only do they help people stay hydrated, but they cut down on problematic plastic waste as well. From Swell bottles to heated coffee cups and cup warmers, there’s plenty of room to hone in on the drinkware that your company loves best.

Even if you can’t customize them with the company, you can certainly stick a company sticker on them before delivering to your precious employees.

Reusable foodware items 

Not only does reusable food ware help your employees do their part but the branded element gets your name out there, too.

We all know how bad plastic is for the world, especially plastic straws and cutlery that sometimes seem impossible to escape if you ever find yourself having to eat on the go (read: everyone).

From reusable straws to bamboo lunch boxes, there are all kinds of reusable food ware options that you can get for your employees. Considering that working from home can mean logging on from a coworking space or a local coffee shop, not only does reusable food ware help your employees do their part but the branded element gets your name out there, too.

Remote work gadgets 

This one is almost a no-brainer, but there are so many directions to go with this one that it can be hard to figure out where to start. For employees who like working from bed or couch, you can get them lap desks. Even something as simple as a small dock phone charger that props up your phone while charging can make a big difference — finding ways to prop your phone up with a cord hanging out of the bottom can be a pain.

The key for this kind of swag is to think about the things that someone might not buy for themselves with their home office budget, but makes working from home easier, more enjoyable, or both!

Travel gear

Especially if work travel is resuming, try offering things like sleep masks and compact blankets for plane travel.

Remote working also means more traveling for many people. Especially after being at home for years of the pandemic, people are itching to get out when they can. That’s why company travel gear can be a great swag idea for 2022.

Especially if work travel is resuming, try offering things like sleep masks and compact blankets for plane travel. There are also tech organizers that keep the dozens of cords we all own organized while on the go — as well as options like branded backpacks.

Fitness swag

Whether people are slowly making their way back to gyms and yoga studios, or they’re come up with an amazing outdoor workout routine during the pandemic, one thing it seems like everyone is doing is wearing athleisure.

Not only does fitness swag offer an excellent branding opportunity as well, but it gives your employees what they need. One moisture-wicking top is worth a ton of regular cotton t-shirts.

Charging gear for devices

Especially in the work-from-home era, having fully charged devices seems almost more important than ever. For some it can also be harder to do when everyone is working or learning from home and using all of the cords and outlets.

Why not surprise your employees with a branded power bank or a mobile speaker that charges the devices while playing music from them?

Cozy swag

The one thing the pandemic has taught us is that it’s incredibly hard to predict the future. It could ebb or flow at any time and when it flows that means time at home. This is why cozy gear that makes home as comfortable and enjoyable as possible can go a long way. Whether that’s braided sweatpants or a weighted blanket perhaps, there’s all kinds of options for cozy at-home gear that shows your employees that their comfort matters.

The great thing about swag is that there’s not really a wrong way to go as long as you’re making an investment in quality pieces that people will keep and use rather than jettison off to Goodwill the first chance they get. Remember, these are just ideas. Feel free to get creative and even ask your employees what they’d like to get from the company.

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