The Top Employee Benefits You Should Offer

A rundown of the most desirable benefits and perks to offer


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We know that your company wants to attract the best person for the job.

To increase employee recruitment and retention, businesses are getting creative with the benefits they offer their teams.

Employee benefits aren’t just exclusive to health insurance coverage during open enrollment. Benefits can cover anything that a company offers employees in addition to wage compensation. Employers aim to create benefits packages that are competitive within their market.

We’ve created a complete list of employee benefits to help your company gauge how to increase employee recruitment and satisfaction.

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Medical coverage

Medical insurance is the primary benefit that employees will be looking for in their benefits package. Be mindful of the medical coverage that your competitors are offering as you set out to choose a provider.

Life insurance

Life insurance policies are another important benefit to offer employees. Giving employees the opportunity to have life insurance coverage is affording them the reassurance that their families would be provided for in the event of their unexpected passing.

Retirement accounts

Your company can offer 401(k) plans to employees and help them save for their future. It’s no secret that the best talent expects the best compensation and benefits packages. Many seasoned professionals expect not only a great 401k, but a plan that includes an employer 401k match. Not offering a match could limit your talent pool and stifle growth.

Vision insurance

Offering employees vision plans is fairly common. Be sure to research these plans carefully as these specialized plans often come with high deductibles.

Dental insurance

It is not required by law for employers to offer dental insurance to their employees. However, employees see dental insurance as a coveted bonus.

Paid time off such as vacation, sick days, and parental leave

A benefit that can really make employers stand out is the amount of paid time off (PTO) they offer. Most companies offer around 15 paid PTO days. Offer 20 if you want to stand out, or unlimited PTO.

Child care

Offering fantastic child care benefits is sure to be an alluring benefit for new employees. Choose to offer on-site child care or offer annual child care stipends that parents can use to employ a nanny or enroll their children in a daycare.

Wellness programs

Some employer health insurances offer incentives for employees that make wellness a goal. Help employees take a holistic approach to their health by offering free on-site gyms and paid workout sessions like Lululemon.

Employee discounts

Offer discounts exclusive for members working within your company. Offering employee discounts is a great way to show your appreciation and for them to become more familiar with your product.

Mental health resources

This increasingly popular benefit is invaluable to employees. Offer weekly meditation sessions, free therapy, or an anonymous mental health hotline to employees.

Relocation assistance

New hires or employees being transferred don’t want the added financial burden of moving. Offer relocation assistance by funding a percentage of the move.

Continuing education

Offer employees the opportunity to gain new skills or improve on their current ones. Incentivize continuing education with an internal rewards system.


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