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What is Disparate Impact? Unintended Discrimination and Company Policies

A best practice is to understand what disparate impact is, how it may occur, and how to change policies to avoid it.

Why Courage Is an Essential Leadership Quality

Courage stands on the back of the strength of conviction.

Talent: Build It or Buy It?

Remote or hybrid work options may be the tipping point in your favor if you can offer them to your existing and new talent.

All About the New DOL Proposed Overtime Rule Expected In October 2022

The DOL is considering a new overtime rule — and the proposal is expected to hit this coming fall.

Why Skills-First Hiring Is Better Than Traditional Hiring Models

One of the keys to successful hiring is using the skills-first approach. It makes sure the job is a mutual benefit for both the candidate and employer.

HR Headaches: What Is Managing Up, and Why Should Employees Learn This Skill?

Learn about opportunities where your employees can manage up and create a better working relationship between themselves and their managers.

Is Team Building Still Relevant in a Virtual World?

With today's remote and hybrid workplaces, team building is more important than ever. Here are 6 proven ways to build stronger, more cohesive teams.

How Upskilling Can Impact Your Company and Employees During the Great Resignation

Salary and benefits only go so far. Employee training and professional development opportunities via upskilling can further entice potential candidates.

What Is Insubordination and Ways to Handle It in the Workplace

An employee does not have to be insolent for insubordination to exist. But it is possible for an employee to be both insolent and insubordinate at the same time.

Virtual Hiring Events: Can They Work for Your Company?

Anything you do in person to recruit and hire talent can be done virtually with a bit of foresight.

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