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Trends, tips and other lessons for small businesses in video format.

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What to Consider When Creating a Parental Leave Policy

When it comes to your parental leave policy, find out how you can utilize state and federal benefits, and how you might consider using them to bolster your own benefits for your staff.

Rethinking Talent Acquisition

Learn how to create a sublime candidate experience, hire based on business needs, and form partnerships to bolster recruiting efforts.

Working Smarter with People Ops

In this POPS! episode, we dive into automating tasks that can help employees do more of the work they love.

Keep Out the Bad Actors: Make Your People’s Data Secure

Find out what the most common cause of data breaches is — plus how to protect yourself and your data from cybercriminals. 

Resisting the Temptation to “Fake It” in Your Business

Things can go wrong when you “fake it." Learn how to “make it” in your business with integrity and authenticity.

The Inspiration Behind the Book: People Operations with Jay Fulcher

Hear from Zenefits CEO Jay Fulcher on how small businesses can level the playing field and gain an advantage in the post-pandemic world of work.

A Candid Conversation About Juneteenth

Juneteenth, a holiday commemorating the end of slavery in the U.S., has gained wider visibility in the past year. Listen in on a real conversation about how small business leaders can acknowledge and celebrate the holiday, even if they haven’t in the past.

POPs! The People Ops Podcast: Be Well, For Yourself and Your Business

In this POPS! episode, life and leadership coach Nicola Ries Taggart explains what it takes to achieve well-being at work in times of chaos and crisis.

POPs! The People Ops Podcast: Should we keep flexible work arrangements as COVID vaccine rates rise?

In this episode of POPS!, Zenefits HR Advisor Lora Patterson breaks down what small business owners should take into consideration when making plans for returning to the office — or not.

POPs! The People Ops Podcast: What is the state of workplace culture after a year of the pandemic?

This episode of POPS! features Emtrain Talent and Culture Strategist Laraine McKinnon, who shares findings that small business owners should pay attention to.

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