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Trends, tips and other lessons for small businesses in video format.

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POPs! The People Ops Podcast: What is the state of workplace culture after a year of the pandemic?

This episode of POPS! features Emtrain Talent and Culture Strategist Laraine McKinnon, who shares findings that small business owners should pay attention to.

POPs! The People Ops Podcast: Build Your People, Build the World

In this POPS! episode, global business executive Ryan Patel shares why small businesses are uniquely equipped to build people — personally and professionally.

POPs! The People Ops Podcast: Going From Best Intentions to Best Practices for DEI

In this POPS! episode, Janine Yancey, founder of Emtrain, shares how small businesses can take action to help build healthier workplace cultures.

POPs! The People Ops Podcast: How do I prepare for minimum wage changes as my people move?

This POPS! episode explores why you need to keep better track of these and pending changes, as it will impact your hourly and salaried staff coverage.

POPs! The People Ops Podcast: How do I make remote reviews work?

In this POPS! episode we'll look at ideas on how to consistently engage your team: from regular performance discussions with your existing staff, to special care in hiring and onboarding people you may never meet in person.

POPs! The People Ops Podcast: Unpacking the Science Behind Motivation

In this POPS! episode we'll be exploring 6 fundamental motivators of human behavior, how to optimize the right ones to create Total Motivation, or TOMO, and why motivation is critical to adaptability in a post-pandemic future

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Millennials in the Workplace: Reversing Negative Stereotypes

Millennials have earned the title of presumptuous and demanding, but from a slightly different perspective, these can be beneficial qualities.



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