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POPs! The People Ops Podcast: Unpacking the Science Behind Motivation

In this POPS! episode we'll be exploring 6 fundamental motivators of human behavior, how to optimize the right ones to create Total Motivation, or TOMO, and why motivation is critical to adaptability in a post-pandemic future

POPs! The People Ops Podcast: Office Policies for Newly Legalized Marijuana

In this POPS! episode we'll be examining key themes for acceptance and use of marijuana, how it impacts remote environments vs. on-site, incidents, and policy vs. guidelines.

POPs! The People Ops Podcast: What’s the Advantage of People Ops vs. HR?

Learn why successful companies are shifting from “HR administration” to “people operations” —along with 4 key factors that have influenced this shift in the new world of work.

POPs! The People Ops Podcast: We Ran Out of COVID Paid Sick Time — Now What?

If an employee already maxed out their COVID paid sick time in 2020 and needs to take leave again in 2021, how should HR respond?

POPs! The People Ops Podcast: Let the Robot Have Your Job

How does an ultra marathon runner, dad to two toddlers and a side hustle in sports tech think about the future of work? Kevin Marasco, CMO at Zenefits, thinks if a robot wants your job then let them have it.

POPs! The People Ops Podcast: Updating Your Employee Handbook

Employee handbooks help your staff understand your company's culture, mission, and values, along with crucial information on benefits and policies. Here's some recent research on employee handbooks and a free digital tool you can use.

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Millennials in the Workplace: Reversing Negative Stereotypes

Millennials have earned the title of presumptuous and demanding, but from a slightly different perspective, these can be beneficial qualities.



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