Why Your HR Software Should Be User-Friendly

Discover why your company needs human resources software, what makes a good HR software platform, and the top 5 user-friendly features to look for.

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Why Your HR Software Should Be User-Friendly

Here's what you need to know:

  • It’s essential that HR software is user-friendly so that it results in increased productivity, reduced workloads, and enhanced employee satisfaction
  • Key user-friendly features to look for in HR software include recruitment monitoring and simple security
  • Additional features to look for are seamless system integrations, deadline reminders, and mobile access
  • If you need to run specific reports for your HR department, look for a platform that is customizable

Organizations and corporations of all sizes need an effective way to manage their human resources tasks. Yet, an ADP study reported that 70% of businesses with fewer than 50 employees don’t have a formal process for handling HR tasks.

Self-service software is a great tool even for a small business with a lean HR team. Employee self-service tech lets your employees handle routine administrative tasks on their own. This can include accessing benefits options, tracking hours worked, and submitting PTO requests.

Team leads and managers also use the software to approve PTO requests, offer feedback, and keep track of performance reviews. And, although your HR department decides which software platform to use, don’t forget your employees are also using it. The platform needs to be accessible and easy to use for everyone from sales agents to C-suite executives.

In fact, user-friendliness is one of the most critical — but often overlooked — features of HR software. Let’s take a look at what it means, why it matters, and what makes user-friendly HR software.

What happens if HR software isn’t user-friendly?

Technology presents many challenges to handle all HR functions. Your HR team needs to look for a system that doesn’t require specific knowledge or training. And, in this digital world, it needs to be mobile-accessible for ease of use across all devices.

A complicated user interface could require training to get everyone up to speed on how to use the system.

A complicated user interface could require training to get everyone up to speed on how to use the system. And manual systems require more time filling out paperwork and looking for documents, as well as more space to store all these forms in filing cabinets.

Why do you need user-friendly Human Resources software?

Workers face information overload with almost 24/7 access to the workplace via cellphones, tablets, and other devices. Any way HR can simplify the communication process and make it easier for employees to perform basic admin tasks is a plus.

Switching to an HR software system isn’t as simple as ditching the old paper-based system. Unless the HR software is user-friendly your employees may find it too complicated to use.

Here are a few of the top reasons why you need user-friendly HR software:

Increased productivity

Employee productivity improves when staff can use a software platform to complete routine admin tasks quickly and efficiently. A user-friendly, intuitive platform means less time spent on non-work tasks. This gives them more time for actual work duties.

Reduced HR workloads

Anything that helps improve the information-gathering process will reduce the number of hours human resources has to spend on routine administrative tasks.

This reduction in paperwork means your HR team has more time to focus on building company culture and attracting top talent.

Enhanced employee satisfaction

Having countless forms and endless paperwork to fill out is a sure way to frustrate your staff. A user-friendly HR management software results in an enhanced employee experience and a higher level of satisfaction.

5 key user-friendly features to look for in your HR software

Now you know the importance of user-friendliness in your HR software. But what are the key user-friendly features you should look for? Here are the top 5 HR software features to prioritize for your HR team and employees.

1. Recruitment monitoring

Recruitment includes identifying talent, screening, interviewing, making the offer, and onboarding new hires. A comprehensive HR solution can help you manage the entire recruitment process.

From keeping track of applications to sorting through resumes, easy HR software can help you pick the best candidate for each job.

2. Simple security

Long gone are the days when you stored filing cabinets full of paper forms with sensitive personal information. To ensure the security of all the data contained within your HR platform, look for 1 loaded with security features.

For instance, many people forget to log out once they’ve finished updating information. Look for a system with a timeout feature to protect against this problem. This will automatically log out users after a set time of inactivity and guard against data exposure.

3. Seamless system integrations

Is your business like most organizations? Then you’re probably already using countless apps and software solutions. Look for an HR platform that seamlessly integrates with your other 3rd-party tech.

Scheduling, time tracking, project management, benefits, payroll, and recruitment are just a few examples of existing software you’ll want to seamlessly integrate with your HR software. Google Workspace, Slack, Asana, Office 365, and Salesforce are some of the common productivity tools you may already be using.

4. Deadline reminders

To get the most from your company’s policies, your employees need reminders of when to sign up. Look for a platform that allows you to send deadline reminders for important HR tasks. This can include things like signing up for the 401(k) or opting for health insurance.

Technology should make the HR reminder process easier. Many platforms let you set up automated email notifications to free your HR department from spending countless hours on tedious tasks.

5. Mobile access

More people are accessing the internet via their smartphones and other mobile devices. A CareerBuilder workplace report found that:

  • 88% of workers have a smartphone.
  • 77% keep their smartphones within reach while they are working.
  • 39% of employees check their phones several times per day.

Look for an HR platform that’s mobile-responsive. This means the software is able to adapt to the screen size of whatever device an employee is using.

That way, employees don’t need to log in from corporate HQ to access your organization’s intranet. Instead, they can also access the software when traveling or working from home.

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User-friendly vs. customizable platform functionality

Here’s 1 final note. If you need to run specific reports for your HR department, look for a platform that is customizable. It’s no good if your easy-to-use interface doesn’t allow you to create detailed lists, graphs, and statements.

Using an intuitive People Ops platform such as Zenefits gives you everything necessary to stay on top of all your HR tasks. Our simple HR platform makes all your employee management chores easy. Sign up for a free trial today.

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