Anagha Krishnan

Anagha Krishnan is a Regulatory Analyst at Zenefits. She is focused on developments in the HR, Benefits, and Payroll space, and helping small businesses get in compliance with new regulations. A Berkeley Law grad, Anagha enjoys pop culture podcasts, trying out new tea blends, and getting to the beach when she can.

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Parental Leave as a Benefit: State vs. Federal Law

In the absence of paid parental leave provisions in federal law, a growing number of jurisdictions have begun to fill the gap. Read on for an overview of the options for new parents in these areas, and follow the Zenefits blog to find out how we can help you comply with new regulations in your state or city.

New Parental Leave & Salary History: Here’s What You Need to Know

On October 12, California Governor Jerry Brown signed two bills which will have significant ramifications for employers in the state. AB168, which applies to all public and private sector California employers, prohibits companies from seeking or relying upon the salary history information of an applicant in employment decisions. While SB 63, or the “New Parent […]

Chicago Paid Sick Leave Laws: What Employers Need to Know

Find out exactly what employers and employees need to know about Chicago's paid sick leave laws.

San Francisco Paid Parental Leave Ordinance Applies to a New Group of Employers

San Francisco employers with 35 or more employees will have to comply with Paid Parental Leave Ordinance (“PPLO”), effective 7/1/2017.