Catlyn Origitano

As a writer, Catlyn enjoys helping to demystify HR and compliance for business owners and HR professionals nationwide. She's also finalizing her PhD in Philosophy and enjoys spending time with her dog, Dottie.

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6 Scary Issues Still Haunting Your HR in 2022

Tackle the HR issues plaguing you this Halloween with this helpful guide.

How to Align HR & Business Goals in 5 Steps

The ability to connect HR initiatives to larger business goals is the most critical skill for HR pros. Our 5 step guide show you how to make that happen.

Is Onboarding Remote Employees Right For Your Business?

If your company is thinking of going remote, with or without HR software, use this guide to help you take control of your remote employee processes. 

Everything You Need to Know About Employee Leave

Keeping track of all types of employee leave of absence, as well as knowing what is required of you, can be a daunting task. Check out the must-know info.

For the Record: Making Sense of Employee Recordkeeping

One of the most time-consuming and confusing parts of managing employees is managing their paperwork. From the moment you first meet a candidate to their eventual last day on the job, the employer/employee relationship generates a paper trail that includes resumes, offer letters, signed employee handbooks, I-9s, performance reviews, benefits and compliance documents, and much […]

How to Handle Employee Snow Days and Other Bad Weather Woes

Learn how to create compliant bad weather policies, whether for snow days, hurricanes, or other weather-related challenges.

How to Get Your HR Ready for the New Year: A Checklist

Use our checklist to help get through your year-end HR tasks around benefits, payroll, and more and start your New Year off right.

How to Build a Knockout Tech Stack that Gets You (and Your Team) Organized

If you're feeling overwhelmed by emails, meetings, and tasks, we've put together a tech stack to get you and your team organized.

How to Build a Dynamic People Ops Tech Stack

While you’re building HR strategies, it can help to have an efficient tech stack to support the day-to-day work of keeping your team happy and motivated.

When Does My Growing Company Need to Think About HR?

As a leader, it’s important that you're deliberate about how you manage and think about your HR from the day you hire your first employee.