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Cinnamon Janzer is a journalist and content writer based in Minneapolis. She has been a valued writer for Workest since 2019.

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How to Combat Summer Slump

Since the stiffness of regular life is usually what people are trying to shed during the summer slump, letting the office be a little more casual during the warmer months can help.

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HR Headaches: Spotting and Handling Nepotism in the Workplace

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How To Keep Business Costs Low

Consider these budget-friendly techniques to save money in all areas of your business.

Are 4-Year Degree Requirements Still Necessary for Your Job Openings?

Here are tips for determining whether or not to drop college education requirements for new hires.

Understanding (and Combatting) Introvert Bias at Work

Learn about the benefits introverted workers can bring to your organization, and ways to support them.

How to Support Employees With Long or Medium COVID

Follow these tips for offering flexibility to workers with long and medium COVID.