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Cinnamon Janzer is a journalist and content writer based in Minneapolis. She has been a valued writer for Workest since 2019.

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HR’s Role in Change Management

Many companies might see change management as the sole concern of upper-level management, but human resources has a big role to play in this area.

How to Convert Your Business Into a Co-Op

When it’s time to end a business, selling isn’t the only option. Turning your company into a co-op is always a viable option — here’s how to do it.

Humble Managers: What They Are and How to Be One

Haven’t heard of humble management yet? Read on to learn more about what humble managers are, how to be one, and how it benefits your organization.

What Are Team Dynamics and Why Do They Matter?

How can you create great teams at your company and fix the dysfunctional ones? Here’s a crash course on team dynamics and why they matter.

New Year’s Resolutions For Small Businesses

While new year's resolutions tend toward the personal, here's a guide to new year's resolutions for small businesses.

How to Truly Put People First in 2023

What does it mean to truly put people first in your business? Here’s a crash course in making your people the stars of the show in 2023.

How to Recession-Proof Your Small Business

Worrying about a recession is stressful. But preparing for one can make both potential and real recessions less damaging.

Looking Toward 2023, Expect to See More of the 4-Day Workweek

Chances are, we’re only going to see more about the shift to a 4-day workweek in 2023. Here’s why.

How to Create Compelling Career Paths for Employees

Not sure if the advancement opportunities you offer are compelling enough? Read on for a crash course in creating compelling career paths for your staff.

Is Your Permalancer Actually an Employee?

Things get legally tricky when it comes to freelancers and independent contractors. Here’s what you need to know to stay compliant with the law.