Didi D'Errico

About the author: Didi D’Errico is VP, Communications at Zenefits. She has the unique pleasure of marketing a product she uses every day and engaging with customers (small business leaders) whose perspective on the new world of work is flat-out inspirational.

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What It Means to Be a Value-Led Business

Values are critical for your company's success. Here's why they're important — and how to measure their return.

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Learning something new can reinvigorate your work. Try this 30 day challenge to reduce burnout and feel more energized.

Attracting Top Talent in Today’s Evolving Workforce

Here are 4 critical hiring trends and the forces behind them for small and medium-sized businesses. 

How to Calculate the Real Cost of Losing Employees

Use this employee replacement cost calculator and risk assessment for your 2022 planning.

How to Build Your 2022 Business Plan with People Operations

Are your people programs keeping pace with the rapid changes in the new world of work?

The Big Impact of Building People in Small Business (and How to Start With Your SMB)

If you want to create better potential and performance for your business, build your people.