Elaine Pofeldt

Elaine Pofeldt is a freelance journalist who has contributed to Fortune, Money, CNBC, Inc., Entrepreneur, Fast Company, and the Economist Intelligence Unit. She is author of "The Million-Dollar, One-Person Business" (Random House). Elaine’s first job was running a snack bar in the dugout of the park In her hometown.

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The New Tax Plan Changed the Math for Commuter Benefits. Will Employers Keep Them?

What does the "Tax Cuts and Job Act" mean for fringe benefits in 2018? This new tax plan could change everything. here's what you need to know.

Millennial Employees Want Flexibility & Benefits. Can They Have It All?

Now that millennials represent the largest generation in the nation’s labor force, employers are competing in a tight market for this young talent. Flexible work policies are a rising demand many companies are rushing to meet, as millennial employees seek greater freedom and work-life balance.