Grace Ferguson

Grace Ferguson

Grace Ferguson is a business writer and blogger covering payroll, employee benefits, and human resources. She has vast experience serving as a payroll and benefits administrator for large and small businesses. At age 18, Grace landed her first job: working as a secretary for a forestry company.

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What Is Form 5500 Filing?

If you file Form 5500 incorrectly, it can lead to penalties. Learn more about the annual report here.

What Is Pay-As-You-Go Workers’ Compensation?

Learn about this pay-as-you-go model, and its advantages and disadvantages for small businesses.

A Checklist for Managing Your First Payroll

If your business is starting to hire employees, here's how to set up payroll for the first time.

Are You Calculating Gross Wages Correctly?

Learn why it’s imperative to calculate gross wages correctly — and how payroll software can help.

What Pay Compression Is — and Why You Must Avoid It

If you’re paying employees around the same amount despite differences in their respective skills, experience, and knowledge, you may be engaging in pay compression.

Choosing the Best Employee Benefits Technology Provider: A Checklist

Before you select a benefits software vendor, make sure to thoroughly assess your benefits needs, the services they offer, and more.

How HR Automation Can Help With Benefits Compliance

No matter how many benefits you provide, you’re required to administer them in a compliant manner. However, benefits compliance is no stroll in the park.

Consequences of Outdated Employee Benefits Systems

Your HR team may be working harder than they need to when it comes to administering benefits.

Are You Tracking Part-time Employees for 401(k) Eligibility?

Through the SECURE Act, employers with a 401(k) plan must allow eligible long-term, part-time employees to contribute to the plan.

SSA No-Match Letter: What to Do if You Receive One

If information on your employee’s W-2 doesn’t match the information in the Social Security Administration’s database, you may get a no-match letter.