Grace Ferguson

Grace Ferguson

Grace Ferguson is a business writer and blogger covering payroll, employee benefits, and human resources. She has vast experience serving as a payroll and benefits administrator for large and small businesses. At age 18, Grace landed her first job: working as a secretary for a forestry company.

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Work Opportunity Tax Credit Program Extended Until 2025

The WOTC is a federal tax credit employers can receive for hiring individuals with barriers to employment.

Top 5 FLSA Mistakes Small Businesses Should Avoid

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) governs most U.S. workplaces. Do you know which rules apply to your small business?

Department of Labor Programs Small Businesses Should Know About

The DOL has developed tools and programs to help employers understand employment laws, and to encourage compliance.

Are You Using e-IWOs (Electronic Income Withholding Orders)?

Employers may be required to withhold child support payments from an employee’s wages.

Tips for Reducing Your Business’ SUTA Tax Rate

COVID-19 has drastically impacted unemployment claims, which can affect State Unemployment Tax Act (SUTA) rates.

Understanding Simple Cafeteria Plans for Small Businesses

A cafeteria plan must offer employees a choice between at least one taxable benefit (e.g, cash) and one nontaxable benefit.

What Is a Payroll Card, and Should You Offer It to Your Employees?

As alternative payment methods increase, payroll cards have become an increasingly appealing option for many employers.

What You Need to Know About Sending Form W-2s Electronically

Distributing Form W-2s electronically to employees is highly recommended because it saves time and money.

Should I Give Employees a Total Compensation Statement?

Learn the pros and cons of providing employees with total compensation statements.

Taxpayer First Act: Everything SMBs Need to Know About H.R. 3151

The Taxpayer First Act, passed in 2019, contains some important yet little-known provisions impacting small businesses.