Jean Spencer

Jean Spencer is the Sr. Integrated Campaigns Manager at Zenefits. She’s a prior journalist, a current marketer, and always an entrepreneur. Her first job was selling homemade puzzles (cardboard boxes, painted, cut up, and assembled into plastic baggies) at the bottom of the driveway for $0.25.

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20 US Cities with the Lowest Average Salaries

In a recent post, we listed America’s 20 highest paying cities, and then thought it would be interesting to look at the opposite side of the spectrum too: US cities with the lowest average salaries. Geo-specific salary information is a reflection of many factors, including (but not limited to) local costs of living, minimum wage […]

20 US Cities with the Highest Salaries

Hiring and unsure how to determine new employee pay? Location can should be a part of the consideration. Here are 20 US cities with the highest salaries.

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Federal compliance is tricky. Thats why were here to bring you the top 5 FAQs regarding federal compliance for small businesses.

Here’s the Ultimate Tool for Tax Compliance in 2019

Between tax deadlines and ACA filings, staying on the right side of compliance is a full-time job. That's why we developed our 2019 compliance calendar.

Payroll Stats for Small Businesses

Payroll is a big deal for small business. Just how big? Here's a list of payroll stats that can help your company stay on track.