Karmin Gentili

Karmin Gentili is a freelance writer and editor. She spent nearly two decades in HR and 10 years in Compliance. She has always loved the written word and enjoys helping others with her writing. Her first job was at her college library where she was responsible for cataloguing new books.

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5 Must-Have Payroll Report Templates to Avoid Audit Nightmares

Your payroll reports serve multiple purposes. They’re worth a lot more to you than simply taking up storage space or checking an administrative to-do box.

HR Fast Facts: Imputed Income for Bundled Life and AD&D Plans

For employees enrolled in both a life insurance plan and a Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) plan, imputed income applies only for the volume of the life insurance plan.

Evaluation Scorecards for Candidates: Why You Should Use Them (Includes Free Template)

Make your interview process more consistent and reliable with an evaluation scorecard.

Dos and Don’ts for Interviewers

Keep your interviews on track and compliant with this list of interviewing dos and don'ts.

Putting New Hires on Probation: Pros and Cons

Everyone wants the new employment relationship to work well. Probationary periods are the safety net that sets everyone up for success.

How to Effectively Transition From Traditional HR to People Operations: By Department

Shifting from HR to People Operations is crucial for your organization's success. Here's how your HR departments can make the switch.

Why Recognizing Pride Month Matters for Your Business’ Success

Pride month takes place every June. Learn about the history of the month, why it should matter for your business, and how to best celebrate it with your workforce.

Cost of Living vs. Cost of Labor — Is There a Difference?

Want to calculate how to pay your employees? Keep reading to understand the difference between cost of living and cost of labor.

The Complete HR Compliance Glossary

Do HR compliance terms strike fear into your heart? Fret no longer — use this glossary to learn compliance terms and their definitions.

The Big Guide to DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) Terms

Discussions about diversity, equity, and inclusion are crucial — and growing. Here's a glossary of DEI-related terms.