Kathryn Smith

Kathryn Smith is a writer, registered nurse and mompreneur with extensive experience in the healthcare, public policy and travel and tourism spheres. She grew up in Tokyo, Japan, where her first job as a sixteen-year-old was teaching English to homemakers and businessmen. She lives in Portland, Maine with her husband and son, Pascal.

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The Daily Rundown: Exemptions to California’s ABC Law and More

In today's Daily Rundown, we cover California's ABC law, and New York's new proposal to offer one cohesive website for all compliance regulations. Dive in.

The Daily Rundown: Social Media Marketing and Employee Commitment

On today's rundown: what's the importance of social mdedia marketing for small businesses? And what is the value of true employee commitment?

The Daily Rundown: State-Sponsored Retirement Plans and a New Amazon Announcement

In today's rundown, we cover new legislation for state-sponsored retirement plans, and an Amazon announcement that might interest small business owners.

The Daily Rundown: Small Business Loans Hit Record High

In today's rundown, we cover the increase of small business loans from banks, the decrease in job openings, and developments in retirement plans.

Five Reasons Every Mompreneur Needs A Grandmother on Her Team

In this weeks Mompreneur, we discuss the evolution of age discrimination in the workplace and the benefits of older workers.

The Daily Rundown: Wage Transparency and the Gig Economy

In today's rundown we cover the growing trend of wage transparency, the evolution of the gig economy, and a new tax structure for small businesses.

The Daily Rundown: Status of Paid Sick Leave in Nevada and More

In today's rundown, we cover the status of paid sick leave in Nevada, the new head of the SBA, healthcare in Arizona and more.

The Daily Rundown: America’s Seed Fund Coming to a City Near You

In today's rundown: Cincinatti joins the growing list of cities to ban salary history questions and the SBA goes on the road.

The Daily Rundown: Maryland Raises Minimum Wage and SMBs Slow Down on Hiring

In today's daily rundown, the state of Maryland raises the minimum wage and small businesses slow down their recruitment efforts.

The Daily Rundown: Classifying Workers in California and Financial Wellness Programs

Welcome to the Small Business Run Down. Each day we bring you stories and trends that impact small business owners and their workforce. On today’s agenda: California construction worker classification, small business cyber security vulnerability, and President Trump’s plan to cut former inmate unemployment. California construction industry subject to new law for classifying workers A […]