Kelsey Ray Banerjee

Kelsey Banerjee

Kelsey Ray Banerjee is a freelance finance and business writer. Always curious about people, her first job was fundraising for her college, where she talked to professionals from all walks of life. When she isn't writing, she's exploring blockchain and design.

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How to Effectively Hire During A Crisis

A crisis can be an opportunity to onboard great talent, or optimize your process. Here’s how to make the most of hiring during a crisis.

What Face Masks Are Best for Work?

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Turn Employee Engagement Survey Results Into Company Culture

Use those employee engagement survey responses to create change and build trust.

Why Employee Satisfaction Matters

Employee satisfaction can make your business more profitable. Here’s how to use employee feedback to motivate and engage your staff.

Workplace Wellness After COVID-19

Your employees’ physical and mental health will remain important post-pandemic. Here are 4 steps your company can take to commit to workplace wellness.

Should Remote Workers Earn Less?

Companies often set salaries for remote workers based on their geography. Will that change?

Everything You Need to Know About Employee Leave of Absence

What is a leave of absence and how is it different than regular PTO days? Get all your questions answered here.

No Mask, No Service: Convincing Customers to Follow Your COVID-19 Policies

How can small business owners convince their workers and customers to wear a facemask or sanitize? Find out in this article.

IRS Economic Stimulus Breakdown: How to Track Stimulus Checks

Do you have to pay back your stimulus check? And is it taxable? We answer your most commonly asked questions

Small Business Starter Pack: What You Need to Grow Your Small Business

Make sure your small business operations are efficient and clutter-free with these easy-to-use tools