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As an HR Advisor at Zenefits, Lauren provides guidance and best practices to companies of all sizes with any HR and compliance questions. In her spare time, she enjoys reading and chasing her three dogs around.

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What does at-will employment mean?

Learn about at-will employment and how it differs by state

Is there a maximum amount of overtime my employees can work in a week?

As long as you compensate properly and grant the required breaks, there aren't any federal limitations on how much overtime your employees can work.

What are the rules for giving employees their pay stubs?

What are the rules for giving employees their pay stubs? Federal Law Overview The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) regulates issues like payroll record keeping for employers and it doesn’t require employers to provide pay stubs to employees. Employers don’t have to provide a paper record, but the federal law does have strict requirements for […]

If an employee gives his two weeks’ notice and he already has two weeks’ vacation pay coming to him, does he earn vacation hours after he has given notice?

The answer depends on what your state law states regarding accrued vacation upon termination of employment, as well as how your company regularly responds to paid time off during employment and after termination. Paid Vacation is a Benefit First and foremost, it’s important to consider that paid vacation is a benefit rather than a requirement. […]

How do I determine if my inside sales employee is exempt or non-exempt?

Your inside sales employee is likely non-exempt, although it’s possible they could be classified as exempt if they meet the federal and state-specific criteria. Determining Exempt vs. Non-Exempt Whether an employee is exempt or non-exempt, according to the Federal Labor Standards Act (FSLA), is determined by three things: the type of work the employee does […]

What are some of the benefits of training employees?

Most successful companies find that employee training can pay major dividends when implemented effectively. Training can increase job satisfaction, reduce turnover, improve employee performance, and provide a forum for knowledge transfer within the company. A best practice for training employees is offering orientation and then continuing education.

What are training best practices?

When training employees, it's important to communicate to the employees what they will be expected to learn over the course of the training.

How can a company build a performance review process?

First, an employer ought to establish what the company’s goals are before creating performance reviews. Then the company can decide whether it wants performance reviews to be top-down (manager to direct report), peer review-style (peer-to-peer), or 360 style (with different members of the organization at different levels providing anonymous feedback throughout the review process). Leadership, […]

If an employee resigns but is also due a performance evaluation and merit raise before they leave, do we have to do both of these things?

It depends on more specific details of the situation and your company policy. Included below are some general tips and a specific example related to performance evaluations and merit raises. Usually raises and performance evaluations are given at an employer’s discretion; they aren’t required but are sometimes offered as a form of incentive to employees. […]

Should we hold performance reviews if we don’t have the budget for increases in salary?

There’s no federal law requiring you to conduct performance reviews. However, regardless of your budget for salary increases, having performance reviews is a best practice. Purpose of Performance Reviews The purpose of performance reviews isn’t only to determine whether or not an employee gets a raise or promotion. They’re also meant to provide constructive feedback […]