Lauren Perales

As an HR Advisor at Zenefits, Lauren provides guidance and best practices to companies of all sizes with any HR and compliance questions. In her spare time, she enjoys reading and chasing her three dogs around.

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Can business owners participate in an FSA, HSA, or HRA?

Can business owners participate in an FSA, HSA, or HRA? Yes-- but there are some complexities. Here's our short explanation.

What are the 2018 HSA contribution limits?

HSAs are used to supplement medical costs and they can cover much more than just medications and doctor visits. Here are the 2018 HSA contribution limits.

Benefits and ROI go together like PB&J

Myth, benefits are only good for the employee. False, benefits are also great for the company. When benefits packages are thoughtfully developed, companies emerge as victors. Employees are better engaged, more productive, and show deeper dedication to their jobs because they spend less time worrying about their personal needs. Lauren Perales, PHR will share how […]

How small business can offer competitive employee benefits

Employee benefits can give you an edge when vying for candidates and employee retention. When creating your benefits package, it’s not necessarily about who offers the best benefits in every category, but focusing on what’s important to candidates and employees. Lauren Perales, PHR will give her take on what’s important. Learn more about Zenefits HR […]

How-to: Throw Inclusive Holiday Celebrations

The end of the year brings feelings of joy, good cheer, and, in many cases, stress. Employees are focused on end-of-year requirements at work plus planning for and celebrating the many holidays that fall in December and January, spending time with family and friends, attending religious services, and more. Although in many cases, celebrating holidays […]

How can I find my state’s and city’s minimum wage?

By understanding minimum wage laws, you can verify whether you're in compliance with the wages you offer.

What are best practices in determining employee eligibility for medical leave?

As a human resources professional facing the tough question of employee eligibility for medical leave, you’ll want to think about several things, including the reason behind the request for leave the validity of the request how long the employee has been working at the company In general, your primary source of guidance is the Family […]

If I have an employee who commutes from Orange County to San Diego, am I required by law to pay any type of mileage or per diem?

If I have an employee who commutes from Orange County to San Diego, am I required by law to pay any type of mileage or per diem? Identify Business and Personal Use If an employee drives his car from his home in Orange County to his workplace in San Diego, his employer is not legally […]

Does the classification salaried but also getting paid overtime exist?

Short Answer: Yes. As with all employee classifications, the answer depends upon two criteria rate of pay and job duties. The Fair Labor Standards Act is a federal law that distinguishes the differences between exempt and non-exempt employees. Non-exempt employees are commonly, but not always, classified as hourly and are eligible for overtime pay. Exempt […]

Can I advertise in a job posting that we will not sponsor work-related visas?

Short Answer Yes, you can advertise that being authorized to work in the U.S. is a precondition of employment. The Relevant Immigration Law The U.S. Office of Special Counsel for Immigration Related Unfair Employment Practices (OSC) stated in a technical bulletin on September 27, 2010, that: …if an employer chooses not to employ persons who […]