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Lisa Burden is a freelance writer with degrees in journalism and law and has two very large Labrador Retrievers. She specializes in writing about legal and business topics. In keeping with her love of books, her first job was as an aide in her high school’s library.

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Colorado Extends FFCRA Requirements to All Employers

The state also added a paid sick leave requirement for the beginning of 2021.

Maryland Bans Workplace Hair Discrimination

Employers in Maryland state are now banned from discrimination based on hair types, textures, and styles.

New York State Paid Leave Law Takes Effect September 30

Employers across New York state must provide paid leave that employees can start accruing on September 30, 2020, and then use starting January 1, 2021.

Maryland Approves Salary History Ban

Maryland joined 18 other states and 21 local jurisdictions to ban employers from requesting or relying on a prospective employee’s past wages when considering them for a job or determining their pay.

COVID-19 Federal, State, and Local Emergency Leave Laws

In addition to the federal government's paid emergency leave laws, California, Colorado, and New York have enacted its own COVID-19 emergency paid leave requirements. Get all the details in this article.

DOL Says Workers Not Entitled to ADA Accommodation for High-risk Household Members

The EEOC states that employers do not need to provide ADA accommodations to employees who have household members with high risk of severe illness from COVID-19.

California Paid Family Leave Benefits Goes Into Effect July 1

California extends paid family leave from 6 to 8 weeks beginning July 1, 2020

EEOC: Workplace Compliance Measures in Fighting COVID-19

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has issued guidance on what employers can do to combat COVID-19 and protect their workforce.

Deep Dive: Supreme Court Rules that Title VII Forbids LGBTQ Discrimination

Monday's surprise ruling protects the rights of LGBTQ workers

County in New Mexico Adopts Paid Leave for “Any Reason” Law

Many employers in Bernalillo County, New Mexico will have to start providing paid leave for “any reason” to workers starting July 1.