Lisa Burden

Lisa Burden is a freelance writer with degrees in journalism and law and has two very large Labrador Retrievers. She specializes in writing about legal and business topics. In keeping with her love of books, her first job was as an aide in her high school’s library.

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SCOTUS to Rule on LGBTQ Workplace Rights

SCOTUS to decide if federal discrimination laws protect gay and transgender workers

Connecticut Expanded Mandatory Sexual Harassment Training Goes into Effect Oct. 1

Connecticut's expanded requirements for mandatory sexual harassment prevention training are now in effect.

Maryland Law Partially Banning Non-Compete Agreements Goes Into Effect Oct. 1

Employers in Maryland no longer can require non-compete agreements from certain workers.

Oregon Approves Paid Family Leave

Oregon’s new Paid Family and Medical Leave law allows employees to take paid leave from work for up to 12 weeks

North Carolina Bans Agencies to Ask Salary History

North Carolina has joined a growing number of states banning questions about salary history

Colorado’s “ban the box” law takes effect Sept. 1

Colorado's "Ban the Box" legislation, which would prevent people with criminal records from being ruled out of jobs, takes effect in September 2019

Nevada raises minimum wage

New law raises minimum wage to $12 per hour, or $11 per hour if health insurance is offered

Washington state lawmakers approve workplace protections for exotic dancers, hospitality, and retail industries

Employees who work alone or in isolated locations will be equipped with panic buttons to call for help, under new Washington law.

Maryland’s Ban the Box Legislation is Vetoed, but Supporters Vow to Continue Fight

The governor of Maryland vetoed an effort to enact a "ban the box" law. But supporters say they'll continue to push as the movement goes national.

Westchester County Paid Safe Time Leave Goes Into Effect On October 31

Westchester County, NY is requiring employers to provide paid safe leave for victims of domestic violence and human trafficking. Here's what's in the law.