Lisa Burden

Lisa Burden is a freelance writer with degrees in journalism and law and has two very large Labrador Retrievers. She specializes in writing about legal and business topics. In keeping with her love of books, her first job was as an aide in her high school’s library.

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Washington Paid Family and Medical Leave Law Goes Into Effect in 2020

Washington is the latest state to offer paid family and medical leave for its residents.

New in 2020: New Jersey Enacts Salary History Ban

New Jersey has a new law prohibiting employers from asking job applicants' salary history

Maine Expands Protections for Pregnant Workers

Maine extends existing protections for pregnant and nursing employees

Oregon Pregnancy Law: What Employers Need to Know in 2020

Businesses with 6 or more employees must comply with the new law

California Beefs up Requirements for Lactation Accommodation

The law strengthens existing requirements that employers must provide a private lactation room and adequate breaks for nursing moms

California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA): What Small Businesses Need to Know

The CCPA is the beginning of “America’s GDPR" — understand what you need to do to be compliant

Texas Authority Says Workers Hired Through Apps Are Independent Contractors

The Lone Star state’s Workforce Commission adopted a rule that workers hired through apps are independent contractors

Nevada Becomes 2nd State to Approve Paid Leave for Any Reason

What you need to know about paid leave “for any reason” and how it will affect Nevada employers and employees.

NLRB: Social Media Policy Can’t Require Employees to Use Real Names

2 of CVS' social media policies were rejected because they interfere with employees' rights

New York Employers Facing Stringent Salary History Ban in 2020

Do you know about salary history bans? Find out why New York is one of the latest states to prohibit employers from asking about a job applicant or employee’s salary history.