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Nicole is a freelance writer specializing in health, mental health, and parenting issues. Her work has appeared in Today's Parent, Crixeo, Grok Nation, Chesapeake Family LIFE, and the Baltimore Sun, among others.

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What is the Best Way to Communicate Terminations?

While employers are considering terminating a staff member, it's important to do it with utmost importance. Part of that is managing your communications.

Dealing with Deception at Work

When businesses value honesty and integrity, what do you do if someone is being dishonest?

Why You Need Feedback Loops for Onboarding and Retention

Feedback loops. They regulate nearly every aspect of every system in your life, even if you aren’t aware of them.

How to Create Wealth for Employees as a Small Business

Employee turnover is a common problem for small business. Learn how helping create wealth opportunities for employees can improve retention.

How to Reduce Employee Turnover? 3 Academic Models to Learn and Steal From

Employee turnover is costly. Three academic models share strategies for reducing employee turnover inside your small or mid-size business.

The Onboarding Documents You Need to Collect and Keep

The collection of employee records during the onboarding process is a must. This article explores best practices for gathering onboarding documents.

What Is Employee Turnover (and Why It Matters)

Employee turnover is a major concern of businesses of all size. But what does employee turnover really mean and what can be done about it?

Why Structured Onboarding Matters When Battling Employee Turnover

Employee turnover can cost businesses productivity and profitability. This article details how a structured onboarding program can help.

New Legislation to Potentially Support Cannabis Payroll Federally

Cannabis companies are caught between state and federal regulations, making their processes complex. Here's what this bill could mean for cannabis payroll.

Trending Work Perks: A Breakdown of Student Loan Assistance Programs

Over 77 percent of employees say that student loan assistance programs are important to them when considering where to take their next job.