Riia O'Donnell

Riia O’Donnell is a Human Resource professional with over 15 years of hands-on experience in every discipline of the field. A subject matter expert, she has written for the online HR market for over 8 years. Her first job, at age 15, was working the early morning shift at a local bakery on weekends.

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Fired vs. Laid Off

Understanding the differences between being fired vs. laid off is critical, as both carry implications for employers and departing employees.

A Small Business Guide to Sick Leave 

It’s a fact of running a business — employees get sick, either for the short or long-term. Learn what you need to know about sick leave for your small business.

How Maternity Leave Works: The Employer’s Guide

How long is maternity leave? All your questions about maternity leave answered, plus how a supportive policy boosts productivity, retention, and loyalty.

What is Paid Safe Leave?

Trending on the East Coast and spreading across the country are new Safe Leave laws. Learn what paid safe leave is and what it's used for.

The Employer’s Guide to Boosting Employee Retention with Recognition

One of the keys to improving employee retentjon is providing recognition at work. This article dives deep into employee recognition programs.

What is a Paternity Leave Policy? (And Should My Business Have One?)

What is paternity leave? How does it work? And do I need to offer it? This article covers the details of paternity leave policy for employers.

An Explainer Guide to the Connecticut Paid Family and Medical Leave Law

Learn about the major changes regarding paid family and medical leave in Connecticut

The Business Guide to Bereavement Leave Policies

Being prepared when an employee loses a loved one is crucial. This article details requirements, definitions and expectations for bereavement leave.

Employee Onboarding Checklists: What to Include

Learn about the 5 essential components of an employee onboarding checklist and how to design one for your company's needs.

Kansas City Passes Salary History Ban: What Employers Need to Know

Kansas City, Missouri is enacting a salary history ban. This article covers who is exempt, who isn't and what you need to know as a small business.