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Stacy Pollack is an Organizational Development professional with a passion for improving the workplace. She began her career in recruitment and quickly fell in love with training, coaching, and human resources. Her very first job was as a gymnastics coach. Connect with her on LinkedIn, Twitter, or at

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How to run an effective meeting, ramp up productivity, and optimize your time

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In this week’s HR Headaches post we discuss how, as a member of your HR team, to give difficult feedback to managers who have more experience or seniority than you.

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Psychological safety helps employees feel more engaged, productive, and energized.

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Employee Resource Groups: What They Are and How to Get Started

If you want to better connect with your employees’ needs, consider offering Employee Resource Groups.

How Small Businesses Can Benefit From Diversity and Inclusion

D&I planning is important for attracting the right talent, fostering a sense of belonging, solving problems more creatively, and serving greater populations.

Head of Remote Work: COVID Brings New Job Titles to Small Businesses

Hiring a Head of Remote Work can help businesses stay productive and efficient in this new normal.