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Stacy Pollack is an Organizational Development professional with a passion for improving the workplace. She began her career in recruitment and quickly fell in love with training, coaching, and human resources. Her very first job was as a gymnastics coach. Connect with her on LinkedIn, Twitter, or at

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How to Help Your Laid-Off Employees

Many companies will likely go through a period of layoffs. Here’s how to communicate this change to your workforce and what you should be prepared with.

Antiwork and the Rejection of Hustle Culture: A Guide for HR Leaders

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L&D has historically been viewed as a cost center rather than a strategic partner. But times have changed.

Hiring A Candidate Who Discloses They Are Pregnant

Considering women make up 44.7% of the global workplace, it’s likely that when hiring for your business, you'll come across top candidates that disclose they are pregnant.

Are Microaggressions Sabotaging Your Teams?

Microaggressions can be harmful to your employees who are experiencing them. Take these steps to create a safe and inclusive work environment.

Best Employer Brands of 2022: What Your Small Business Can Learn

Learn how some of the most successful organizations build their brand and attract top talent.

Flexibility vs Productivity: How to Find the Right Balance for Your Company

Over 75% of American workers say workplace flexibility is a top priority. Here’s how to ensure employees remain productive while working remotely or with flexible hours.

HR Headaches: How to Avoid Layoffs

Layoffs can have damaging downstream impacts on your business. Consider these alternatives to laying off employees.

HR Headaches: Asking a New Hire to Resign From Their Job Before Sending Them a Contract

Here's why it's not a good idea to ask a candidate to resign from their current position before you send them a formal contract.