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PEO vs. Insurance Broker: 6 Differences Business Owners Need to Know

PEOs and insurance brokers both help employers attain health insurance, but the differences in PEO vs. insurance broker are worth weighing.

How to Create and Use a Payroll Ledger

Payroll ledgers offer advantages beyond payroll administration. Valuable insights can help businesses grow and prosper. Here's how to create and use yours.

PEO Broker: What Difference Does It Make?

The search for the right PEO can be daunting, so don't go it alone. Here's how a PEO broker saves companies time, frustration, and future headaches.

PEO vs. Payroll: Comparing Professional Employer Organizations to Standard Payroll Service Providers

The choice between hiring a PEO vs. payroll provider of another type should be made with several things in mind. Here's what to know and consider.

Payroll Adjustment

A payroll adjustment reflects changes to employee compensation and records involving wages, tax rates, benefits, and even mistakes. Here's how it works.

Switching Payroll Companies With Confidence and a Plan

If you're experiencing problems with your current payroll provider, here's what to know about switching payroll companies with confidence and a plan.

Payroll FAQ: Expert Answers to Common Payroll Questions

With a proactive approach toward common payroll questions and concerns, payroll can run smoothly and seamlessly for both employers and employees.

National Payroll Week: How Will You Celebrate?

An initiative of the American Payroll Association, National Payroll Week recognizes employees, payroll professionals, and programs funded by payroll taxes.

Payroll Records

Maintaining accurate payroll records safely is vital to businesses large and small. Mismanagement can result in payroll errors, noncompliance, or worse.

Using a Payroll Register: Why It’s Vital to Your Business

With a well maintained payroll register, employers support the payroll process while preempting costly mistakes. Here's how and why to use one.