POPS Academy: Get Professionally Certified in People Operations

Build your career. Whether you’re a seasoned people professional or new to HR, the POPS Academy will provide you with a professional People Operations certification that you can add to your resume and promote with a LinkedIn badge.

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What’s the benefit of getting certified?

By advancing your People Operations skills you’ll be able to run a people-centered HR department that truly gets the most out of your day as an HR manager and the days of your employees. Specifically you’ll learn:


How to automate your HR processes to reduce time spent on low-value, high-risk administration


How to design a great employee experience to build a more motivated and resilient team


How to unleash your workforce to their fullest potential for better business impact

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How much does it cost?
What does it include?

It costs $450 for certification per person

It includes

It includes

12 month

month access to all
Academy materials

It includes

50% off

off "People Operations" the book, if you are interested in buying it in hardcover

It includes


People Operations Workbook ($49 value) that helps bring POPS into practice

How does the
certification process work?

The POPS Academy is an online, asynchronous course that can be taken on your own time. You will get step-by-step learning, practical insights, and supporting data on how to get the most from your workforce. Course material is a mix of video tutorials, a digital workbook ($49 value), written articles, and digital assessments to track your progress and learning.

Video tutorials

Digital workbook

Written articles

Digital assessments

What will I learn?

The course is broken into five main topic areas. Each will elevate your proficiency with things like hiring and onboarding, time and attendance, payroll, taxes, compliance, employee engagement, employee wellbeing, and employee development. It’s broken down into these modules:

People Operations Fundamentals

Understanding the Maturity Model

Automating HR

Shifting from HR to People Operations

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