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The holiday season is upon us! For some, it’s the most wonderful time of the year, but for many, it’s also stressful. Discover tips for helping your employees manage stress during this time. By now, you may have heard of the Inflation Reduction Act — learn how exactly it will impact your business and workers here. “Stay interviews” can be a powerful tool to increase employee engagement and retention. Access our list of tips for how to best conduct them. Finally, check out our free small business and HR compliance calendar for December. It’s packed with helpful dates to guide you through the rest of the year.

Small Business and HR Compliance dates this week:

November 28

Cyber Monday: Optimize your sales this Cyber Monday with our ultimate holiday preparation guide.

November 29

Giving Tuesday: This is an annual day and movement that brings people and organizations together to transform their communities and the world. #GivingTuesday

December 1

Q4 Performance Reviews: Time for Q4 performance reviews! See how Zenefits manages performance reviews.

December 3

International Day of Persons with Disabilities: International Day of Persons with Disabilities aims to promote disability rights and build an inclusive, accessible world. #IDPWD

The last month of 2022 is here! Download our free 2022 December calendar.

Free Small Business and HR Compliance Calendar: December 2022

And just like that, we’re entering the last month of the year! Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and the start of the winter are just some of the events to celebrate this month. For more holidays — and compliance reminders and social media events — download our free December Small Business and HR Compliance Calendar.


While the expense of salary increases will rise, it may still offset the budget cost of attrition — particularly in a competitive market.

HR Headaches: Budget for Higher Salary Increases for 2023

Each year, annual salary raises increase the amount we offer staff members. Hopefully, those align with increasing revenue. Current economic conditions are shifting the way many business leaders are planning annual increases for 2023.

A shortage of skilled (or trainable) talent, inflation, and other factors are putting pressure on businesses to raise wages more significantly for the coming year. In order to attract and retain talent, paying more might simply be the cost of doing business in 2023.


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Make your interview process more consistent and reliable with an evaluation scorecard.

Evaluation Scorecards for Candidates: Why You Should Use Them (Includes Free Template)

Evaluation scorecards are templates you can use to ask identical questions of all candidates interviewing for the same position. Using these scorecards can help you navigate the potential interviewing potholes that are out there and will make your interview process more consistent and reliable. We’ll show you other benefits you can realize from using a scorecard and how to manage this process.



In addition to the personal toll stress takes, there is a cost to business in terms of engagement, productivity, and money. Try these tips to reduce workers’ stress.

How to Help Employees Manage Stress

A survey revealed that more than 80% of Americans suffer from work-related stress — and businesses lose up to $300 billion every year in lost productivity because of it. Stress is tough on workers, and it’s costing you engagement, talent, and money. Whatever organizations can do to help employees reduce or manage stress is a net positive. Here are ways to address the issues that cause workplace stress and helpful resources you can offer as an employer.



Today’s competitive job market has made retaining employees a tough task for many employers. Read on to see how you can maximize retention with stay interviews.

5 Common Mistakes When Conducting Stay Interviews

When it comes to employee retention, many employers focus on reactive measures like raises and bonuses. However, these financial incentives are often insufficient to keep employees from looking for new opportunities. A better strategy is proactively engaging with them and addressing any issues before they lead to attrition. One effective way to do this is through stay interviews. Use this list to avoid mistakes and maximize the effectiveness of the stay interview process.



The Inflation Reduction Act will affect corporations more than small businesses in most cases. If you provide an ACA health plan or are in the energy industry, you may be eligible for tax credits.

How the Inflation Reduction Act Will Affect Businesses and Workers

In August 2022, the Inflation Reduction Act was signed into law and is set to invest $750 million into tax, healthcare, and clean energy initiatives. Businesses generating hundreds of millions in net income are most likely to feel its effects regarding increased taxes. But small businesses and startups in the green energy space can leverage R&D subsidies. Most businesses may remain completely unaffected unless they offer Affordable Care Act health insurance.


POPS The People Podcast

The POPS! Podcast by Zenefits helps small business leaders build people teams and succeed in the new world of work.

How Do I Measure Candidate and Hiring Manager Satisfaction?

Part of having great employees is having a great recruiting and hiring process, which is why it’s so important for companies to monitor how successful the process is to ensure continued success for the company.

Lora Patterson, a People Operations Advisor at TriNet Zenefits, joins the show to share ways you can measure this success from both the candidate and manager perspective.



Access tips on how to build a strong compensation strategy.

People Operations Guide to Compensation

A strategic part of People Operations is compensation strategy — one of the biggest and most obvious functions of an employment contract.

Yet it’s one of the trickiest and most important to get right, especially in smaller companies.

In the People Operations Guide to Compensation, we cover:

  • The components of a strong compensation strategy
  • How to establish equity and fairness
  • How to develop incentive structures that truly motivate employees
  • How to analyze pay data to drive insights

Start learning how to do compensation right so you can grow your business the way you want to.


How Do Candidates Search for Jobs? Here Are Ways to Find (and Keep!) Top #Talent via @Zenefits #TalentAcquisition

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